Veronika Pradzed

Budashkin, Nikolay - Concerto Grosso for Dombra, part I
Copytsko, Victor - Buona notte, Federico!.. (1996)
Copytsko, Victor - Continues Letter (1998-2011)
Copytsko, Victor - Divertimento for cymbals and prepared piano (1976)
Copytsko, Victor - Invitation or New Divertimento (1982-2012)
Copytsko, Victor - Little Christmas Serenade / Eine kleine Weihnachtmusik (2010)
Copytsko, Victor - Musical Puppy (1990 cimbalom solo version)
Copytsko, Victor - My grandmother`s chest. Book 1 (1983-2011)
Copytsko, Victor - Starinny tanets/Old Dance. 2006
Copytsko, Victor - SYMPOSIUM (The Party). Soundtrack of dramatic performance by Plato-Tirons (2015)
Copytsko, Victor - Testament, a piece for two performers and tape (2012)
Copytsko, Victor - We are playing and singing. Sonata da camera, six parts, 2010
Garelava, Galina - Bombo. 2009
Hatzimichelakis, George - Carols for Belarusian dulcimer solo (2002)
Kurjan, Uladzimir - The Hours, for the cymbals and piano (2010)
Kuznyatsow, Vyachaslaw - Dialogue-Allusion to cymbals and piano GameTogether (1999)
Laryjonaw, Jawgen - Two pieces for piano and cymbals. 2009
Popov, Andrey - Concerto domestico for dulcimer, guitar and piano (2014)
Senkevich, Katerina - `Waiting`, Variations for solo cimbalom Belarus (2010)
Shleg, Ludmila - Tool Suite for Solo Cimbalom `The Four Seasons` (1994)
Smolsky, Dmitry - Concerto 2 for cymbals and orchestra (1977)
Tsalko, Andrey - The Bell of Oblivion, sonata for cymbals solo (2011)
Yaskou, Kanstantsin - Dreams of the Castle Hill (live fantasy for Belarusian cymbals and orchestra)
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