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Music by the film `O Melissokomos`, (1986) (Karaindrou)

Eleni Karaindrou (Born 1946)

Music by the film `O Melissokomos` (1986)

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1. To Petagma, 2. To Vals Tou Gamou, 3. Thema Tou Apoheretismou Kai Vals, 4. Thema Tou Apoheretismou, 5. To Rock Tis Kadinas, 6. Kravgi, 7. Thema Tou Apoheretismou-Parallagi A, 8. Aftoshediasmos Sta Dyo Themata, 9. Thema Tou Apoheretismou-Parallagi B, 10. I`ll Hit The Roads. To Tragoudi Tou Juke-Box, 11. Ta Vourkomena Matia Mou. Tragoudi Sto Kafenio, 12. To Vals, 13. Vals Thema Tou Apoheretismou-Parallagi C, 14. I siopi-Thema Tou Apoheretismou, 15. End Part
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