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Opera `Ezio`,  (Gluck)

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2008. Sonia Prina (Ezio), Max Emamuel Cencic (Valentiniano), Ann Hallenberg (Fulvio), Topi Lentipuu (Massimo), Julian Pregardien (Varo), Mayuko Karasava (Onorio). IL COMPLESSO BAROCCO.
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Prague version, 1750. In ital. Valentiniano III, Emperor of the West Roman empire - Max Emanuel Cencic; Fulvia, Massimos daughter and Ezios betrothed - Mariselle Martínez; Ezio, General of the imperial army - Matthias Rexroth; Onoria, sister of Emperor Valentiniano - Netta Or; Massimo, Roman patrician - Mirko Roschkowski; Varo, prefect of the pretorians and Ezios friend - Andreas Post. Neue Dusseldorfer Hofmusik. 2006.
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