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Opera `Mary, Queen of England` (1843),  (Pacini)

Giovanni Pacini (1796–1867)

Opera `Mary, Queen of England` (1843)

Sheet Music
Maria, regina dInghilterra

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Mary Tudor, Queen of England - Nelly Miricioiu; Riccardo Fenimoore, a Scottish exile who has become Conte di Clambrassil - Bruce Ford; Ernesto Malcolm, a commoner - José Fardilha; Clotilde Talbot, believed to be an orphan, betrothed to Ernesto - Mary Plazas; Gualtiero Churchill, Lord Chancellor of England - Alastair Miles; A Page - Susan Bickley; Raoul, Lieutenant of the Tower of London - Benjamin Bland. Geoffrey Mitchell Choir, Philharmonia Orchestra - David Parry. 1995, 1996, St.Clements
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