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Virelai  V4 `Douce dame jolie`,  (Machaut)

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Recording : Chapelle Saint-Claude, Plougastel-Daoulas, Bretagne, France, June, 1996.
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The Waverly Consort conducted by Michael Jaffee. 1973, USA
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SKYE CONSORT: Alex Kehler (violin);Amanda Keesmaat (cello); Andrew Horton (bass); Sean Dagher (cittern); with: Ben Grossman (percussion and hurdy-gurdy); Grégoire Jeay (baroque flute, recorder and quena); Cassie Webster (voice). Recorded on September 2004, at Studio Victor, Montréal (Québec), Canada.
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Margaret Philpot (vocal) / 1983
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Jenny Cassidy (voice), Caitríona O`Leary (voice), Dessislava Stefanova (voice), Ben Davis (medieval fiddle), Riccardo Delfino (medieval harps, hurdy-gurdy, voice) - Belinda Sykes, voice & dir. / UK, 2008
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Ernst Stolz (psaltery, small harp, tenor rebec, percussion) / 2014
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Pierre Eyguesier (flutes, cromorne, percussions), Rene Nazet (hurdy-gurdy, mandora, regal, harpsichord, percussions), Maurice Guis (tambourin flute, panpipe, recorder, fife, oboe du Poitou, trumpet marine, regal, harpsicord, psalterion), Jean-Paul Porta (tambourin flute, tenor flute, guitar, percussions), Maurice Marechal, Jean Porta / ca. 1973-81
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