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`Lanquan li jorn son long en mai`,  (Rudel)

Jaufre Rudel (1103–1148)

`Lanquan li jorn son long en mai`

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Marc Bernad (hurdy-gurdy, voice, percussion), Christian Buono (voice), Iyad Haimour (qanun, percussion), Louis Soret (oud, rebec, fiddle, horn flute, ney, shawm, capped oboe, voice, percussion), Gedeon Richard (narration) / Hervé Berteaux (reed & horn flutes, shawm, capped oboe & dir.) / 1993
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Martin Best (voice, lute, psaltery, pottery drum), Libby Crabtree (soprano), Giles Chabonard (vielle), David Corkhill (hammer dulcimer, tambourine), Robin Jeffrey (cittern, oud, theorbo, laouto), Lucie Skeaping (violin, fidele, rebec, pipe), David Tosh (dulcimer, nakers, tabor), Rebecca Outram (soprano), Caris Lane (soprano), Natanja Hadda (alto), Susannah Spicer (alto), Matthew Vine (tenor), Paul Tindell (tenor) and other / Concert Hall of Nimbus Foundation, 1994
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Ensemble Unicorn; Oni Wytars: Maria D. Lafitte, voice; Thomas Wimmer, fiddle, laud; Riccardo Delfino, gothic harp; Peter Rabanser gaita, bujo, ud, ney; Katharina Dustmann, davul, zarb, bendir, deff; Wolfgang Reithifer, tenot drum, bowl drum; Marco Ambrosini, fiddle, keyed fiddle; Michael Ponsch, director, recorder, reed-flute. 1996, Vienna
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Jean-Paul Rigaud (voice, fiddle), Jasser Haj Youssef (viola d`amore) / Château Bodeau, Creuse, France, 2010
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