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Fumeux fume par fumee,  (Solage)

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James Bowman (counter-tenor), Charles Brett (counter-tenor), Martyn Hill (tenor), Geoffrey Shaw (baritone), Michael Laird (cornet), Iaan Wilson (cornet), Alan Lumsden (cornet, sackbut, recorder, slide trumpet), Roger Brenner (sackbut), Oliver Brookes (recorder, crumhorn, viol, rebec, crwth), Christopher Hogwood (harp, organ), David Corkhill (percussion) & other / David Munrow (recorder, crumhorn, shawm, kortholt, bagpipes & dir.) / Abbey Road Studios, London, 1972-73
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HUELGAS ENSEMBLE. Recorded at the Chapel of the Irish College, Leuven, Belgium, October 25-28, 1991.
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Catherine King (mezzo-soprano), Steven Harrold (tenor), Julian Podger (tenor), Leigh Nixon (tenor), Stephen Charlesworth (baritone); Jonathan Arnold (bass), Robert Macdonald (bass) / Christopher Page (dir.) / Gloucester, 2006
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Michael Collver (countertenor), Shira Kammen (vielle), Randall Cook (vielle) / Wellesley, MA, 1987
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