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Sonata for Violin and Harp (1998),  (Kikta)

Valeriy Kikta (Born 1941)

Sonata for Violin and Harp (1998)

Sheet Music
For Victor Salvi
I. Metamorphoses of the Autumnal Landscape in the Sokolova Pustyn
II. Fantasia on the Theme from A.Varlamov`s Romance `Krasny Sarafan`
III. Rondo. After the D.Gorlov`s Sculpture `Troika`

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Sofia Ristič, harp. Recorded 2014
Added by: sagittaviolin , 25.01.2018 22:19           

Anna Verkholantseva, harp
Added by: Dert_Nord , 16.01.2014 15:55           

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