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En seumeillant m`avint une vision,  (Trebor)

Trebor (1350–1415)

En seumeillant m`avint une vision

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HUELGAS ENSEMBLE. Recorded at the Chapel of the Irish College, Leuven, Belgium, October 25-28, 1991.
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Ferrara Ensemble: Lena Susanne Norin (alto), Kathleen Dineen (soprano, harp), Eric Mentzel (tenor), Stephen Grant (baritone), Karl Heinz Schickhaus (dolce melos), Randall Cook (viola d`arco), Norihisa Sugawara (lute), Ralf Mattes (psalterion, dolce melos) / Crawford Young (lute & dir.) / Church S. Germanus de Seewen, Soleure, 1996
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