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Ain graserin durch kulen tau,  (Wolkenstein)

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Heinz Schwamm (vielle, bass shawm, singer), Wolfgang Zahn (bass shawm, percussion, singer, Sabine Lutzenberger (singer, recorders, shawm, harp), Hans Ganser (singer, recorder, percussion), Rainer Herpichböhm (singer, chitarra sarazenica, medieval lute, harp, percussion) / Barbara-Saal, Augsburg, Germany, 1987
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Joel Frederiksen (bass & laute) / Bernd Oliver Fröhlich (tenor, tenorsaxophon & percussion) / Sabine Lutzenberger (mezzosoprano & dir. of the musical group) / 2003 (Deutsche Harmonia Mundi)
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Elisabeta de` Mircovich (voice, rebec, medieval harp, portative organ), Doron David Sherwin (voice, cornett, percussion), Claudia Caffagni (lute, voice, perrcussion) Livia Caffagni (recorder, fiddle, voice), Paolo Zerbinatti (symphonia) / San Vigilio, Col San Martino, Treviso, Italy, 1992
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