ancient Greek composers Anonymous

ancient Greek composers Anonymous (V–IV)
A fragment of papyrus Yale (from the collection of the Yale University; P.Yale CtYBR 4510; II c. AD)
Anonymous Bellerman 97-104 (excerpts from the exercise of instrumental music of anonymous treatises; ca. IV century AD)
Excerpt peana (the Berlin Papyrus 6870, ca 160 AD)
Fanfare, calling for battle from the Eleusinian epinetrona (Eleusis inv. 907, perhaps epinetron the Artist of Sappho; V c. BC)
Fragment from Ashmolean papyrus inv. 89B / 31, 33 (fragments of Sophocles (younger?) `Achilles`; III-II centuries BC.)
Fragment from Dnepropetrovsk papyrus 3178 (Thales from Miletus, possibly a fragment of tragedy of unknown content)
Fragment from Michigan papyrus 2958 (P.Michigan 2958; II century AD.)
Fragment from Oxyrhynchus Papyri 4710
Fragment from Oxyrhynchus papyrus 3162 (P.Oxy. 3162; fragment of tragedy (?); III c. AD)
Fragment from Oxyrhynchus papyrus 3705 (P.Oxy 3705, four musical lines from comedy of Menander `The Girl with her Hair Cut Short`; III c. AD)
Fragment from Oxyrhynchus papyrus 4464 (P.Oxy. 4464; fragment of hypodorian mode; II-III c. AD.)
Fragment from Oxyrhynchus papyrus 4465 (P.Oxy 4465, fragment from tragedy (?); II-III c. AD)
Fragment from papyrus El-Hibeh 231 ( fragment of an unknown content; III c. BC)
Fragment from Vienna papyrus 29,825 (P.Wien 29825; III-II century. AD)
Fragment of a vase 2416 Munich (Munich inv 2416;. Brigos vase painter, ca. 480 BC)
Fragment of a vase 2646 Munich (Munich inv 2646; fragment of elegie Theognis; the V century BC)
Fragment of Michigan papyrus 1250 (P.Michigan 1250; melody for aulos (?); III c. AD)
Fragment of Oslo papyrus (P.Oslo 1413; I-II century AD)
Fragment of Oxyrhynchus Papyrus 4462 (P. Oxy. 4462; II c. AD)
Fragment of Oxyrhynchus Papyrus 4463 (P. Oxy. 4463; fragments mentioning Eros and Aphrodite; II-III c. AD)
Fragment of Oxyrhynchus papyrus 4466 (P.Oxy 4466; possible passage anthem; III-IV c. AD)
Fragment of papyrus Oxyrhynchus 2436 (P.Oxy 2436; possibly a fragment from Euripides` tragedy Meleager `; II c. AD)
Fragment of the London hydria E171 (exercise in chromatic, V BC)
Fragment of the Louvre papyrus E 10534 (an excerpt from the tragedy Karkinos Younger `Medee`, II century AD)
Fragment of Zeno Papyrus (P.Zenon 59 533; III c. BC.)
Fragments 1 and 4 from Oxyrhynchus Papyrus 3161 (P.Oxy 3161; III c. AD)
Fragments from Mylasa, inv.3 (Mylasa inv.3; gymn of Sinuri; I c. BC)
Homer singing: Demodocus song about Ares and Aphrodite from the poem `The Odyssey (VIII century. BC. E.)
Hymn to Asclepius
Hymn to Asclepius from Epidaurus, SEG 30. 390 (III-I century BC)
Instrumental pieces of Kontrapollinopolisa (lines 13-15, 20-22 of the Berlin Papyrus 6870, ca 160 AD)
Lament Tecmessa for Ajax the Great (pp. 16-19, 23 (?) of the Berlin Papyrus 6870, possibly a fragment of a lost tragedy by Aeschylus, `Ajax`, ca. 160 AD)
Oxyrhynchus Papyri 3704
Oxyrhynchus Papyri 4461
Oxyrhynchus Papyrus Fragment of 4467 (P. Oxy. 4467; III in. N. E.)
Papyrus Ashm. inv. 89B/29-32
Papyrus MS. Schoyen 2260
Prosodic hymn of the Delphic Apollo (c. II c. BC)
`Homeric hymn ` (Pseudo-Homer)
`Oxyrhynchus anthem` (Christian hymn of the Holy Trinity; P.Oxy 1786; end of III century BC.)