Aleksandr Sverkin


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And maybe, not so
Russia is now cold
And how would Lenin do it
I can take offense
You ask me
Oh, Love, Love
Polar Bear
Birch Twilight
Sleepless Memory
Rich Land
I`m afraid to stay without you
It was like that, guys.
On a Weekend
Lenin`s Birthday
Good luck
In the Golden Ring of Russia
At the Forest
Spring Year
Spring Trouble
Wind waves its wings ...
At the Gate in the Evening
Young Forever
A Word of Russia
The sergeant fell in love
Harmonist returned
War noise disturbed forest
Here we are
Swans, where are you flying?
Where Is It, Love?
Where is the river and reeds
Where Russia begins
Somewhere beyond the blue distances
It Is Far Beyond the Urals
They say that spring comes
They say I`m ugly
Our Work Is Hard and Hot
Two Timokhas
The Grl is Sad about the Soldier
People are born for life
My dear man
If I knew
If I were a Teacher
If I were brave
A girl-friend is waiting for a sailor
I am waiting for you
Live in a Leninist way
Tomorrow at exactly five
Play Fun
Mother`s hair becomes silver
The sunset turns red
Why do our moms age?
Why, love, hurt so painfully?
Here is a snowstorm and blizzard
Russia Begins Here
Hello, hedgehog!
Green cap
Land of Mordva
Earth is my favorite
Familiar song
Roads call me to go into the distance
Gold leaf fall
Zubova Polyana
The sailor plays the accordion
The sailor play!
A Young Man from Saransk
How Great My Russia Is!
I`ll go to the field
How to be here
Who should I admit to
Space Lira
Bonfire on the hill
My Fatherland
My Mordovian Territory
Mordovia, My Native Land
My Motherland
Kronstadt Maples
The rings are spinning
Doll Tanya
Doll Lullaby
Forest Path
The swan is flying
My love was in vain
We love the sea service
Far Love
Love can get lost
My Love
I found my love
People of Russia
Mom cares for me
My Dream Calls Me
My darling Atiashevo
My beloved marries
My dear, do not disturb my heart
Peaseful Country
I was given a bunch of earrings
Grasshopper foretold me
I`m not afraid of frost
There are many good girls
Nordva Land
The Polar Seas
Moscow Is Allways With Me
Little Bridge
My Inta
My Country
April will come soon
On the twentieth spring
At the sea latitudes
Our sergeant
Do not love by accident
Do not betray love
I did not dream she
Do not be jealous
I did not love anyone
No one can live without happiness
I do not hear anything about your love
I remember Saransk
The clouds yearn for pilots
Love passed by
Combined Military Song
Speed Boat
White Color of Romashka
I guessed the riddle of your heart
Frank guys
The soldier grew a mustache
Oh, why did I fall in love
First Love
You conquered my heart
The song of the final grade
The song knows no bounds
A Song of Evening Moscow
Song of Vladivostok
The Song of Vorkuta
The Song of Childhood
The song about the maple
The Song of Krasnoslobodsk
The Song of Beloved
Song of the Unknown Soldier
The Song of Norilsk
The Song of Russia
The Song of Saransk
Song about the builders
The Song of Torbeev
Song will not save of sorrow
Song of the Dawn
Song of young friends of frontier guards
Pioneers in the campaign
The Letters
A Letter from Taiga
At the spring time
In the Evening, after Parma
A gift of land to the miner
The Underwater Kings
Late rowanberry
I fell in love and I`m not happy
Hurry up, Volodenka
Come Spring!
Come, my love
The Communist`s Call
Prisur Evenings
Come Today, Darling
These Chastushki are about love
The song about border guards
Love is gone
Farewell Summer!
I`m not afraid of gossip
Sound, song!
It`s hard to stop loving
I fell in love too early
Blossom, my Saransk
The River of Love
I was born in Ignatov
Native Land
We are born by the Great October
Russian Dance
I keep my party card next to my heart
The song fell from the sky
There Is No Love With You, Kolya
Saransk Waltz
Heart is capable of feeling sorry for beloved
Lawless Heart
The lilac grows near the porch
Long time no see
The service continues
We serve our country with dignity
Snow Maiden/Snegurochka
I picked berries
The soldier does not like to lose heart
Soldiers do not leave their loved ones
The sun is laughing
My Woman-Neighbour
Thank You, My Land
The captain will lead the team
Ryazan land
My heart is beating uneasily
Keep It Up
You can see more
Temnikov Is the Old Town
Racific Ocean
I have nothing to do with it
Three Gifts
Little path
It`s hard, girls, to love an agronomist
You`re away from me
You Know
You do not love me, do not regret me
Give me a song
You can not follow me
You were the same as now.
You will be my first date
Hard to learn, but easy to fight
White Rocks
Egor`s house is on a hill
Love has its rights
My Love Is Serious
I have one hundred girl-friends
At the pier
At the intersection
At the open small gate
Cranes take the summer away
Moscow in the Morning
Learn to love people
Love walks around us
I want to please you
In Kovylkino blooming gardens
Bird-Cherry Tree
Chock-Chock, Kabluchock
He looks after me
Why do you rarely go to me, dear?
We did not share something
Lenin walks around Moscow
Man walked on the earth
A School Song
The Calves are coming
Our Food Is Shchi And Kasha
This Beautiful World
Oh, Vanya!
I am a Girl from Kaluga
I fell in love hotly
I do not want to share this girl with another
I loved seriously
I`m not going to love
I`m not leaving here
I Touch the Memory
I`ll follow you
I was born on the land of the Ryazan
I will not come today
I rejoice in the new day
I will leave for Altai
I am a shepherd Sultan
Zachem menya ty bespokoish
Milaya mama
Na pobyvku edet