John Blow

JOHN BLOW (1649–1708)

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Air in C major for Organ
Cantate Domino in A
Cantate Domino in E minor
Catch on the battle at Hailbron
Cloe Found Amyntas Lying
Deus misereatur in A
Deus misereatur in E minor
Glory be to the Father
Jubilate Deo in A
Jubilate Deo in E minor
Jubilate Deo in G
Kyrie in A
Kyrie in E minor
Kyrie in G
Kyrie in G (triple time)
Lysander I Pursue
Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in G
Marriage Ode
Nicene creed in A
Nicene creed in E minor
Nicene creed in G
Nicene creed in G (triple time)
On the king`s coming home
Prelude in C major for Organ
Psalms for the Organ
Te Deum in A
Te Deum in E minor
Te Deum in G
To me you made a thousand Vows
Voluntary in C-dur
Whence, Galatea, Why so Gay
Whilst on your Neck, no Rival Boy
Why is Tarpander pensive grown
An Ode on the death of Mr. Henry Purcell (1695)
Be merciful unto me O Lord
Behold, O God our defender
Blessed is the man
God is our hope and strength
God spake sometimes in visions
I beheld and lo, a great multitude
I was in the spirit
Let my prayer come up
Let thy hand be strengthened
My days are gone like a shadow
My God, my God, look upon me
O God, wherefore art thou absent
O Lord, I have sinned
O Lord, thou hast searched me out
O pray for the peace of Jerusalem
O sing unto God
Praise the Lord, ye servants
Save me O God
The Lord hear thee
Turn thee unto me
Ground in c-moll
Ground in d-moll
Salvator Mundi
Mark how the Lark and Linnet sing
The opera `Venus and Adonis` (1683)
A Prince so young
Ah Heaven! What is I hear
And is my Cavalier returned
Arms, arms, be delight in arms
As on Septimius painting Breast
At Looser hours, at the Shade
Bring Shedherds, bring the kids
Clarona lay aside your Lute
Come fill the Glass, fill the high
Couched by the Pleasant Heliconian
Employ`d all the day still in publick
Go Perjur`d Man
Go, go Perjur`d Maid
Happy the Man who languishing
Her Charming Strains
If I my Celia cou`d perswade
If mighty Wealth That gives the Rules
It is not that I Love you less
Lately on yonder swelling Bush
Lifander I persue in vane
Siong `Lovely Selena, innocent and free`
Make Bright your Warrior`s Shield
Morpheus the humble God that
Musick`s the Cordial of a troubled
O turn not those fine Eyes away
Of all the Torments
Oh Venus!
Oh! Nigrocella
Oh! when ye powers
Orithea`s Bright Eyes, does all
Phylander, do not, do not
Poor Celadon, be sighs
Prithee, die, and set me free
Rise mighty Monarch and ascend
Sabina has a thousand Charms
Shepherds deck your crooks
Sing, sing ye Muses
Strike The Viol
Sweetness Of Nature
Tell me no more you Love
The self banished
The sullen years are past
Welcome, welcome, evry guest
What is`t to us who guides the State
When Artists hit on Lucky
When I drynk my Heart is possest
Why does my Laura Shun me
Why Flavia, why so wanton still
Why Weeps Asteria
Sonata in A-dur
Suite in G-dur
Fugue in g-moll