Alexandre Pierre Francois Boëly Boely


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Trois Melodies for cello with organ, WoO
Three Preludes for Organ
30 Caprices for piano, op.2
Six Noels for organ, op.15
Six Romances, Op. 19
Pange lingua, op.41, 13
Allegretto in C Major for Organ
Allegretto in B Minor for Organ, Op.18, 10
Allegro moderato in Es-dur for organ, Op.18 No.12
Allegro in b-moll for piano, op.49 No.2
Allegro for Organ in F Minor, Op.18, 7
Andante for Organ in C Major, Op. 18, 5
Andante for Organ in E Minor
Andante in Es-dur for organ, Op.18 No.1
Andante for Organ in B Minor, Op. 18, 4
Andante for Organ in G Major Op. 18 No. 2
Gigue in a-moll for piano, op.54 No.11
Interlude in E Major for Organ
Canon for Organ in E Minor Op. 18 No. 11
Canon for Organ in B Minor Op. 18 No. 3
Caprice in A Flat Major for Piano, Op. 7
Largetto in C Minor for Organ (Recit de Hautbois)
Larghetto in cis-moll for organ, Op.43 No.8
Tempo moderato in es-moll for piano, op.52 No.11
Moderato in D-dur for piano, op.50 No.4
Moderato molto legato in fis-moll for piano, op.46 No.12
Offertory in D Minor for Organ
Scherzo in B Major for Organ, Op. 18, No. 9
Piano Sonata No.1 in c-moll, Op.1
Piano Sonata No.2 in G-dur, Op.2
Srting Trio in D-dur, Op.5 No.2
String Trio in D Major Op. 5 No. 1
String Trio in G Minor Op. 5 No. 3
String Quartet in E Flat Major, Op. 28
String Quartet in G Major, Op. 29
String Quartet No. 4 in E Major, Op. 30
String Quartet No.1 in a-moll, op.27
Suite for Organ in C Minor, Op. 12, No. 1 - No. 4
Suite for Organs in G Minor, Op. 12, No. 5 - No. 10
Toccata in h-moll for organ, Op.43 No.13
Fantasy for Organ, Op. 57
Fantasy and Fugue in B-dur for organ, Op.18 No.6
Fantasy for Piano in E Flat Major, Op. 21
Fugue in C Minor for Organ
Fugetta in D Minor for Organ