Yuriy Falik

YURIY FALIK (1936–2009)

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"The Poetry of Igor Severianin". Concerto for mixed chorus a cappella
"Prayer for Russia", the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Concerto della passione for cello and orchestra. 1988
Evening. 2008
Voice of Praying (Five Poems by Anna Akhmatova) for soprano and chamber orchestra (1978)
Zveniden. The vocal-symphonic cycle for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (1986)
Izbyanaya. 2005
Book of canzone (2007)
The Holy Icons (1995)
Polly and Dinosaurs. Children`s Musical Fairy Tale (1989)
Skomorokhi/Buffoons. Concerto for Winds and Percussion (1966)
Elegies, a Concerto for soprano solo and mixed choir a cappella (2001)
Bless Love, for choir a capella
Karelian Watercolor
Neznakomka/A Stranger Woman, choir on poem by A. Blok
Triptich for choir a capelle
`Estonian` watercolors, for female chorus a cappella (1976)
Two Solfege, for mixed choir a cappella (1973)
Composition for Cello
Composition for Violin Solo
Concerto for violin and orchestra
Concerto 1 for orchestra. Based on the legends of Till Eulenspiegel (1967)
Concerto No. 2 for orchestra (Symphonic Etudes). 1977
Light symphony
Mass for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1996)
Prayer, poem by M. Lermontov (1983)
Praying martyr Metropolitan Benjamin (2007)
Autumn Songs
Requiem for Igor Stravinsky. 1975
Dedication Paganini (in the form of Inventions and chaconne)
Holy God
Symphonic etudes
Symphony No. 1 for strings and percussion. 1963
Symphony 2 Cadish. 1993
Symphony 3 ``Canto in memoria`` (2005)
String Quartet No. 2. 1965
String Quartet No. 3. 1974
String Quartet 4 (1976)
String Quartet 5 (1978)
String Quartet No. 6. 1984
String Quartet No. 7. 1993
String Quartet 8 (2001)
Trio for oboe, cello and piano. 1959