Jerry Goldsmith

Jerry Goldsmith (conductor)

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Fireworks (A Celebration of Los Angeles) (1999)
`Long Road`, a song from the movie `Rambo`
`Alone in the whole world `. The song from the movie` Russian Front `(1990)
The Agony and the Ecstasy (1965, the lyrical theme of the film)
Anna and the King (1972, the soundtrack to the TV series)
The Ballad of Cable Hoge (1970, song and soundtrack)
Bandolero (1968, Soundtrack)
Logan`s Run (1976, Soundtrack)
Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971, the main theme from the film)
The high speed (1976, Soundtrack)
The Great Train Robbery (1979, Soundtrack)
Trapped time (2003, soundtrack not used in the movie )
Sleeping with the Enemy (1991, Soundtrack)
Tne Mephisto Waltz (1971, Soundtrack)
`Wind and the Lion` (1975, Soundtrack)
Forever Young (1992, Soundtrack)
Choose the hard way (1975, Soundtrack)
Ransom (1975, Soundtrack)
Ready For Anything (1993, Soundtrack)
Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990, Soundtrack)
Two Days in the Valley (1996, soundtrack unused in the movie )
A girl named Hurry (1975, two themes from the TV film)
Dennis Menace (1993, Soundtrack)
Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1974, music for the television movie)
Detective (1968, Soundtrack)
The River Wild (1994, Soundtrack)
Wild Rogue (1971, the main theme from the film)
Daytime Show (1993, Soundtrack)
Valley of the Damned (1977 Soundtrack)
Justine (1969, themes from the film)
Witch Doctor (1992, Soundtrack)
Along Came a Spider (2001, Soundtrack)
Players (1979, Soundtrack)
Inchon (1981, the main theme of the film)
Kaboblanko (1980, Soundtrack)
`Christ-Apollo` (1969) cantata on the words of Ray Bradbury for narrator, mezzo-soprano, chorus and orchestra
Chinatown (1974, Soundtrack)
Capricorn One (1978, Soundtrack)
Coma (1978, Soundtrack)
Congo (1995, Soundtrack)
Contract on Cherry Street (1977, Soundtrack)
Concert Fantasy Fireworks` (Festival of Los Angeles) `
King Solomon`s Mines (1985, Soundtrack)
Queen`s Bench VII (1974, music for the mini-series)
IQ (1994, Soundtrack)
Fortress of Desperate / Masada (1981, the soundtrack to the TV series)
Looney Tunes Back in Business (2003, Soundtrack)
Lionheart (1987, Soundtrack)
Magic (1978, Soundtrack)
Little Indian (1973, Soundtrack)
Boys from Brazil (1978, Soundtrack)
Mom and Dad Save the World! (1992, Soundtrack)
March from the movie `Patton` (1970)
Morituri (1965, main theme of the film)
The Moth (1973, the main theme from the film)
Music for Orchestra
Film music of the first half of the 1970s
The Mummy (1999, Soundtrack)
City Hall (1995, Soundtrack)
The Edge (1997, Soundtrack)
Celestial Aces Eli and Rodger (1973, music for film)
The Invisible (2000, Soundtrack)
The Omen (1976, Soundtrack)
Omen 2: Damien (1878, Soundtrack)
Omen 3: The Final Conflict (1981, Soundtrack)
Order of the Blue Max (1966, Soundtrack)
Islands in the Ocean (1977, Soundtrack)
The Hunt for Terrorist (1972, theme to the television film)
A guy named Flint (1966, the main theme of the film)
Patton (1970, Soundtrack)
First Knight (1995, Soundtrack)
Pass Breykhart (1975, Soundtrack)
Pass Cassandra (1976, Soundtrack)
Sandy Gravel / Sand Pebbles (1966, Soundtrack)
Planet of the Apes (1968, Soundtrack)
Bad Girls (1994, Soundtrack)
Escape (1975, Soundtrack)
Under Fire (1983, music for film)
Deep Rising (1998, Soundtrack)
Field of Love (1992, Soundtrack)
Police Story (1973, the soundtrack to the television series)
Poltergeist (1982, Soundtrack)
Poltergeist 2: The Other Side (1986, Soundtrack)
The Last Castle (2001, Soundtrack)
The Chairman (1969, Soundtrack)
Prize (1963, Soundtrack)
Phantom of the House on the Hill (1999, Soundtrack)
Ghost and the Darkness (1996, Soundtrack)
Executive Decision, Soundtrack (1996)
Clearance (1965, Soundtrack)
Powder (1995, Soundtrack)
Traveling Executioner (1970, Soundtrack)
Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975, Soundtrack)
Rio Conchos (1964, Soundtrack)
Rio Lobo (1970, the main theme from the film)
Rudy (1993, Soundtrack)
Russian Front (1990, Soundtrack)
Rambo 3 (1988, Soundtrack)
Rambo: First Blood (1982, Soundtrack)
Rambo: First Blood, Part 2 (1985, Soundtrack)
Air Force One (1997, Soundtrack)
Basic Instinct: Soundtrack
Total Recall, Soundtrack
Star Trek, Soundtrack
Stranger, soundtrack
Star Trek. Retaliation, soundtrack
Star Trek. Revolt, soundtrack
Star Trek. First Contact, soundtrack
Star Trek. The last frontier, soundtrack
Rambo. First Blood, soundtrack
Judge Dredd, soundtrack
The Secret of NIMH / The Secret N.I.M.H. (1982, music for the cartoon)
LA Confidential (1997, Soundtrack)
Servants of the Law (1998, Soundtrack)
Toy Soldiers (1998, Soundtrack)
List of Adrian Messenger (1963, Soundtrack)
The Twilight Zone (1983, Soundtrack)
Suite for cartoon `Mulan `(1998)
The General with the Cockeyed Id, Suite for the film (1961)
Suite for the film `Barnaby Jones` (1973)
Suite for the film `Wind and the Lion` (1975)
Suite for the film `The Second / Second Chance` (1966)
Suite for the film `Gremlins 2` (1990)
Suite for the film `Gremlins` (1984)
Suite for the film `Stagecoach` (1966)
Suite for the film The Other (1972)
Witch Doctor (1992, Suite)
`The Disappearance`. Suite for the film (1993)
Suite for the film Capricorn - 1 (1978)
Suite for the film `Red Pony` (1973)
Suite for the film `Link` (1986)
Suite for the film `Boys from Brazil` (1978)
Suite for the film `Mr. Baseball` (1992)
Suite for the film `Single brave` (1962)
Suite for the film `The Omen` (1976)
Suite for the film Order of the Blue Max (1966)
Suite for the film `First Knight` (1995)
Suite for the film `By the method of Harm `(1965)
Suite for the film `Police Story` (1973)
Suite for the film The Last Run (1971)
The Chairman (1969, Suite)
Phantom of the house on the hill (1999, Suite)
Suite for the film `Executive Decision` (1996)
Suite for the film `Roy `(1978)
Suite for the film `Rambo. First Blood Part 2 `(1985)
Suite for the film `Salamander` (1981)
Suite for the film `Air Force One` (1997)
Suite for the film `Sebastian` (1967)
Toy Soldiers (1998, Suite)
Suite for the film `A hundred guns` (1969)
Suite for the film `Stripper` (1963)
Suite for the film `Destiny Hunter `(1964)
The Shadow (1994, Suite)
Not Without My Daughter (1991, Suite)
Suite for the film `Tora! Tora! Tora! `(1970)
Chain Reaction (1996, Suite)
Themes from the music for TV Movies
The Shadow (1994, Soundtrack)
Toccata for Guitar solo (1950s)
Not Without My Daughter (1991, Soundtrack)
Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970, Soundtrack)
Thriller (1960, music for the television series)
The Thirteenth Warrior (1999, Soundtrack)
The Waltons (1972, theme of the series)
Fanfare for Oscar, official anthem for the awards ceremony
Freud: The Secret Passion (1962, Soundtrack)
Price of Fear (2002, Soundtrack)
Chain Reaction (1996, Soundtrack)
Hour of Weapons (1967, Soundtrack)
People from U.N.C.L.E. (1964, the main theme to the TV series)
Flim Flam Man (1967, Soundtrack)
The Black Bar (1957, music for film)
Warlock (1989, Soundtrack)
Six Degrees of Separation (1993, the main theme from the film)
Shock Treatment (1964, Soundtrack)
Spies (1974, Soundtrack)
Von Ryan`s Express (1965, Soundtrack)
Angie (1994, Soundtrack)