Josef Holbrooke


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10 Pieces for Piano op. 4
Ten Rhapsodie-Etudes(18981905) Op.42
12 pieces for piano op. 2a
3 Dramatic Songs for Soprano (or Tenor) Voice, String Quartet, Piano op. 69
3 Mezzotints for violin (or clarinet) and piano op. 55
4 Dances for strings and piano op. 20
4 Futurist Dances for piano (1914) op. 66
5 Songs for Vocal and Piano (1909) op. 54
6 Pieces for Violin and Piano op. 23
Eight Nocturnes (1939) Op.121
Eilean Shona
Mezzo-Tints. 2 - L`Extase Op.55
Annabel Lee, Ballad for Tenor or Baritone and Orchestra (1906) op. 41b
Byron, Poem No 6 for orchestra and chorus (1904) op. 39
The Viking, Poem No.2 for Grand Orchestra (1901) op. 32
The Raven, Poem after Edgar Allan Poe for orchestra (1903) op. 25
Impressions of a Tour, 10 pieces for piano op. 49
The Wild Fowl, Fantasie for orchestra op. 56b
An Enchanted Garden, Three Compositions for Pianoforte
The Bells, Dramatic Poem for Chorus and grand Orchestra (1903) op. 50a
Queen Mab, Poem No.7 for grand orchestra and chorus (ad lib) (1904) op. 45
Marino Faliero, Dramatic scene for bass or baritone & orchestra op. 41a
Pantomime, suite for strings (1897) . 16
The Birds of Rhiannon, Poem for orchestra (1922?) op. 87
Talsarnau, Valse de Concert for piano op. 79
Three Blind Mice, Symphonic Variations on an Old English Air for orchestra op. 37/1
Ulalume, Poem No.4 for orchestra op. 35
Barrage, piece for piano op. 78
Andante and Presto for Clarinet (B♭) and piano op. 6/2
The Red Masque, Ballet (1913) op. 66
Ballade for Bass Clarinet and Piano
Grand prelude and fugue for the organ (1912) op. 63
Grande suite moderne for piano op. 18b
Hymn Tunes and Anthems for four-part mixed voices and organ op. 1
A Dramatic Choral Symphony for 4 soli, chorus and orchestra (1906) op. 48
Celtic Suite (1917) Op.72b
Cambrian Ballade No.1 for piano op. 80
Cambrian Ballade No.2 for piano op. 81
Cambrian Ballade No.3 for piano op. 82
Cambrian Ballade No.4 for piano op.104
Clarinet Quintet No.1 in D minor (1903) op. 27a
Talsarnau, concert valse (1920) .79
Violin Concerto `The Grasshopper` (Violin Sonata 2) .59
Piano Concerto No. 1 `The Song og Gwyn ap Nudd` op.52
Nocturne for viola, oboe (or oboe d`amore or clarinet (B♭) or flute) and piano (1912) op. 57/1
Bronwen, opera (1915-22/1922-28) op. 75
The Children of Don, opera (1910-12) op. 56
Dylan, opera (1909) op. 53
Pierrot and Pierrette, opera (1909) op. 36
The Wizard, Opera Ballet (1914) op. 70
Long Ago, song for Voice and Piano op. 79
Taliessin`s Song for Voice, clarinet and piano op. 74
Portraits for Orchestra on a Scots Theme (1906) op. 60
Romantic Suite for piano op. 18
Sextet No.2 in F minor (1901-02) op. 33a
Serenade for 12 Instruments op. 61b
Symphony No.1 (1905) op. 40
Symphony No.2 (1908) op. 51
Symphony No.3 (1925) op. 90
Sonata for Violin 1 (`Sonatina`) Op. 6a
Sonata for Violin and Piano No.1 in A Minor op. 6a
String Quartet No.1 in D minor (1890) op. 17b
String Quartet No.2 (1914) op. 58a
String Quartet No.3 `The Pickwick Club` (1916) op. 68
String Quartet No.5 (ca. 1917) op. 72
String Sextet (1902) op. 43
Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano in D-dur .28
Fantasie-Sonate, for cello and piano (1904) Op. 19
Fantasie Sonata No.1 for piano op.124
Fantasie Sonata No.2 for piano op.128
Jamaican Dances for the Young for piano op. 85