Tikhon Khrennikov

Tikhon Khrennikov (piano, conductor)

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Three Pieces for Violin and Orchestra
Three Pieces for Piano (1934-35) op. 5
Three choirs on poems by Nikolai Nekrasov (1971) op.20
Five Pieces for Piano op. 2
Song of Lepelletier
Student Song, from the film The train goes to East (1947)
The Song of Friends. 1948
The Song on Moscow. 1941
Studencheskaya pesnya/Student Song. 1948
Love for Love, ballet op.24
Napoleon Bonaparte, ballet op.40
Waltz `Tatiana`s Day` (the 250th anniversary of Moscow State University)
Svetlana Lullaby
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra No.1 C-dur (1964) op.16
Concerto for cello and orchestra No.2 (1986) op.30
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No.1 in C-dur (1959) op.14
Concerto for violin and orchestra 2 (1975) op.23
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.1 in F major op. 1
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.2 in C major op.21
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.3 in C Major op.28
Concerto for piano and string orchestra and percussion ( 4) (1991) op.37
The opera `In the Storm` op. 8
In the Storm, opera arias op. 8
The Golden Calf op.29
The Boy Giant op.18
Mother op.13
White Night op.17
One Hundred Devils and One Girl op.15
Akh, ty zimushka-zima
Evening Went
Give Your Favorite Flowers
Drinking (words by R. Burns)
Cossack Went to War
Like A Nightingale of the Rose
Moscow Windows
Song of Song
The train is moving faster, from the film The train goes to the East` (1947)
Veselye ochi. 1952
Vse za Rodinu. 1942
`The Artillery-men`s March` from the movie of `At Six p.m. after the War` (lyrics by V. Gusev)
No delo ne v etom, druzia/But is not the case, friends. 1944
Starinnaya shakhterskaya. 1950
`True Friends` motion picture soundtreck
Serenade of Don Quixote
Serenade of Claudio. Night foliage sways slightly
Symphony No.1 in B-flat minor op. 4
Symphony No.2 in C minor op. 9
Symphony No.3 in A major op.22
Sonata for Cello and Piano (1989) op.34
String Quartet (1988) op.33
The Gypsy Song