György Kurtag

GYöRGY KURTAG (Born 1926)

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... pas a pas - nulle part. Poems de Samuel Beckett et Maximes de Sebastien Chamfort for baritone, string trio, percussion (1993-98) op. 36
...Apres une lecture de Rimbaud, for Flute solo
...quasi una fantasia...
Microludes, for piano
12 New Microludies, for piano
6 Moments Musicaux for String Quartet op. 44
A Kis Csava (1978) op. 15b
Auf! Schwung!
C`erano due Fiori, for Flute solo
Holderlin-Gesange for baritone (1993 - 1997) op. 35a
Hommage à Jacob Obrecht
In nomine all`ongherese, for basset horn solo
Irka-firka szuletesnapra Mihaly Andrasnak for two violons, two violas, cello and double bass (1991)
Játékok - plays & games for piano (two or four hands) (1990-93)
Signs for solo cello op. 5b
Kafka-Fragments, for Soprano and Violin (1987) op. 24
Ligatura - Message to Frances Marie (The Answered Unanswered Question) (1989) op. 31b
Messages de Feu Demoiselle R. V. Troussova (1976-80) op. 21
Officium breve in memoriam Andreae Szervanszky
Petite Musique solennelle
Samuel Beckett - Mi Is A Szo (1991) op. 30b
Scenes from a Novel op. 19
Songs of Despair and Sorrow for mixed choir with instruments op. 18
Salkak (Splinters), for cimbalom op. 6c
Splinters for piano op. 6d
Stele for large orchestra op. 33
Tre Pezzi op. 14e
Un brin de bruyere (1994) for cimbalot
Hommage a Varese
Hommage a Kadosa (12 Microludes)
Eight Pieces for Piano op. 3
Eight Choruses to Poems by Dezsö Tandori for mixed choir a cappella op. 23
Grabstein fur Stephan
Fin de partie. Opera (2018)
Dedication Andras Mihai, 12 microludes for String Quartet (1977-78)
Omaggio a Luigi Nono to poems by Anna Akhmatova and R. Dalos for mixed choir a cappella op. 16
Hommage a Pierre Boulez
Hommage à Robert Schumann for clarinet, viola & piano op. 15d
Hommage a Berenyi Ferenc 70 (1997) for cimbalot
Hommage a J. S. B.
String Quartet op. 1
Tre altri pezzi per clarinetto e cimbalot (1996) op. 38a
Tre pezzi per clarinetto e cimbalot op.38 (1996) op. 38