Charles Lecocq

CHARLES LECOCQ (1832–1918)

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Songs of Gavroche for vocal and piano
20 love songs for vocal and piano
Girofle-Girofla (Opera bouffe en trois actes)
Musical crumbs, 24 pieces for piano Op.21
Le cygne, Ballet (1899)
Les fantoccini, Ballet-pantomime Op.22
Spring idyll for Voice and piano
Gavotte for Piano
Lullaby for voice and piano
The ingenue of Fontenay-sous-Bois, comédie for vocal and piano (1876)
Ali Baba, comic opera
Comic opera `Little duke`
A tear from your eyes, Mélodie for vocal and piano
The twins of Bergamo, Opéra (1868)
The aviary, Opéra (1888)
The day and the night, opera (1881)
Le Docteur Miracle, Opéra (1857)
The beautiful Dunois, opera (1870)
Janot, Opéra (1881)
The testament of Monsieur de Crac, Opéra (1871)
Yetta, Opéra (1903)
La Camargo, opera (1878)
Kosiki, Opéra (1876)
The Saint-Gervais meadows, Opera (1874)
Love and its quiver, opera (1868)
The little miss, Opéra (1879)
The little bride, Opéra (1875)
La marjolaine, Opéra (1877)
The pretty Persane, Opéra (1879)
Ninette, opera (1896)
Plutus, Opéra (1886)
Le pompon, Opéra (1875)
The princess of the Canaries, Opéra (1873)
Heart and hand, opera (1882)
Social life, Opéra (1887)
The blue Bird, Opéra (1884)
Fleur-de-thé, Opéra (1868)
Gandolfo, Operetta (1869)
Two doors for a cord, Operetta (1869)
peretta `Daughter of Madame Angot`
peretta `Daughter of Madame Angot` (arias)
Le grand Casimir, Operetta (1879)
Ruse d`amour, Operetta (1897)
My New Maid, Operetta
Le myosotis, Operette (1866)
The kiss at the door, Operetta (1864)
Operetta `Le coeur et la main` (arias)
Save the case, Operetta (1871)
One hundred virgins or the green island, operetta
The barber of Trouville, Operette (1871)
Ondines au champagne, Operetta (1865)
L`amoureuse, song for Voice and Piano
The lullaby of angels, song for Voice or Unison Chorus, Piano (1890)
The fox and the grapes, song for Voice, Piano
Little children, song for voice and piano
Letter from a cousin to his cousin, song for Voice and Piano
Suzette et Suzon, song for Voice and Piano
Your door is closed, song for Voice and piano
The language of the eyes, song for Voice and Piano
Romance for Violin and piano
Bridal walk of a doll for piano
La valse des follets for voice and piano