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2 Ballads to Folk Texts for Alto and Piano H.228
Two Songs for Alto and Piano H.213 bis
Deux impromptus pour clavecin H.381
Three Lyric Pieces for piano H. 98
Three Madrigals for Violin and Viola H.313
Evening at the Shore. Three little piano pieces H.128
3 Songs to Poems by G. Apollinaire for Voice and Piano H.197
Vánoce (Christmas) three piano pieces H.167
3 Christmas Songs for Voice and Piano H.184 bis
3 Czech Dances for 2 Pianos H.324
Three czech dances for piano H.154
Three sketches for piano H.160
4 Childrens Songs and Nursery Rhymes for Voice and Piano H.225
Spring in the Garden. Four children`s pieces for piano H.125
4 Children`s Pieces for piano H.221
Four madrigals for oboe, clarinet and bassoon H.266
4 Madrigals (Part-song book) - for Mixed Choir H.380
4 songs on Czech folk poetry for voice and piano H.282 bis
4 Movements for piano H.170
4 Piano Pieces Window on the Garden H.270
Nocturnes - four etudes for violoncello and piano H.189
Five Waltzes for piano H. 5
5 Short Pieces for Violin and Piano H.184
Five madrigal stanzas for violin and piano H.297
Dance Sketches, 5 Pieces for Piano H.220
6 Polkas for piano H.101
Pastorals - 6 Pieces for Cello and Piano H.190
6 Piano Pieces Film en miniature H.148
7 rabesques - Rhythmic Etudes for Violin and Piano H.201a
Suite Miniature, for cello and piano H.192
7 Czech Dances (Polkas) `Borova` for Piano H.195
8 Preludes for Piano H.181
Bergerettes H.275 (1939)
La Revue de Cuisine (Kuchynska Revue) (1927) H.161a
Orchestral Movement (1914) H. 90
Black Bottom for Piano H.165
`Jedním prstem` (With One Finger) for piano H.185
`Le Jazz` - a piece for orchestra and vocal ensemble H.168
Le train hante for piano H.258
Les bouquinistes du Quai Malaquais for piano H.319
Les ritournelles for Piano (1932) H.227
Merry Christmas for piano, 1941 H.286 bis
`Nipponari` - 7 Songs for Female Voice and Chamber Orchestra on Japanese Poetry (1912) H. 68
On T.S.F.Wawes for piano H.173 bis
For Dance for Piano H.158
`Sen o minulosti` for Orchestra (1920) H.124
`Vigilia` for organ H.382
`Butterflies and birds of paradise`, 3 piano pieces H.127
Jaro (Spring) for piano H.127c
`Posviceni` (`Village Feast`) - for Flute & String Orchestra (1907) H. 2
`From Andersen`s `Fairy-Tales` - Pieces for Piano (1912) H. 42
`The Cat`s Procession in the Solstice Night` for Piano H.122
Kuchynska Revue (`The Kitchen Revue`) Jazz-suite from the ballet in 1 act H.161a
`Album Leaf` for Piano H.241
Puppets I, five pieces for piano H.137
Puppets III, five pieces for piano H.116
Puppets III, four pieces for piano H. 92
`Memorial to Lidice` for orchestra (1943) H.296
Three Parables for Orchestra H.367
Pesnicky na dve stranky, Seven Songs for Voice and Piano H. 302 H.302
`Field Mass` for baritone, male chorus and orchestra (1939) H.279
`Promenade` for flute, violin and harpsichord H.274
Piano Piece without Title H.141
Piece for the Little Evas for piano H.242
The Fifth Day of the Fifth Moon for piano H.318
`Zbojnické písne` (`Brigand Songs`) for Choir a Cappella (1957) H.361
`Romance z pampelisek` - Cantata for Mixed Choir and Soprano Solo (1957) H.364
Ruyana (sea phantasy) for piano H.100
A Rock, symphonic prelude for large orchestra (1957) H.363
`Kouzelné noci` (`Magic Nights`) - Three Songs on Chinese Texts for Soprano and Orchestra H.119
`Tři jezdici` for String Quartet H. 1
Frescoes of Piero della Francesca H.352
`Bohemian Rhapsody` for violin and orchestra H.307a
Prints (1958) H.369
Adagio `Vzpomínky` (Memories) for piano H.362
La Bagarre - allegro for large orchestra H.155
Ariette for violoncello and piano H.188b
Arietta for Violin and Piano (1930) H.188a
Bagatelle `Morceau facile` for piano H.323
Jazz-Ballet Šach králi (Checkmating the King) H.186
Kdo je na světě nejmocnější? (Who is the Most Powerful in the World?), ballet comedy in 1 act, H. 133 (1922 Prague) H.133
Ballet `Stín` (`The Shadow`) H.102
The Revolt ballet sketch in 1 act H.151
Ballade `Last Chords of Chopin` for piano H. 56
Balade after Bocklin`s picture `Vila na mori` - Symphonic dance No. 4 H. 97
Barcarolle for Piano H.326
Fables for piano H.138
Variations on a Slovak Folk Song for Cello and Piano (1959) H.378
Variations on a Theme of Rossini for ello and Piano (1942) H.290
Vocalise-étude for Medium Voice and Piano H.188
Nový Špalíček H.288
Chanson Triste for piano d-moll H. 36
Double Concerto for Two String Orchestras, Piano and Timpani H.271
Dumka for Piano 1 H.249
Dumka for Piano 2 `Elegy` H.250
Dumka No. 3 for Piano H.285 bis
Duo for Violin and Cello H.157
Duo for violin and cello 2 H.371
Jeux Series I for piano H.205
Jeux Series II for piano H.206
Improvisation for piano H.333
Inventions, for large orchestra H.234
Instructive Duo for the Nervous for piano H.145
Intermezzo for large symphony orchestra H.330
Intermezzo. Four pieces for violin and piano (1937) H.261
Chamber music No. 1 - for clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello, harp and piano H.376
Concerto da Camera for Violin and String Orchestra with Piano and Percussion H.285
Kytice (Garland / Blumenstrauß), Folk Song Cycle for Chorus, Solists and Orchestra H.260
Cantata `Hymn to St. James` H.347
Cantata `Mount of Three Lights` for Tenor and Baritone, Male Chorus and organ H.349
`Legend of the Smoke from Potato Fires` (1956) cantata for soprano, alto, baritone, mixed chorus and instrumental ensemble H.360
Cantata `Mikes of the Mountains` for soprano, tenor, mixed chorus and instrumental ensemble (1959) H.375
Cantata for Chorus and Orchestra The Spectre`s Bride H.214 I
Cantata Otvírání studánek (The Opening of the Springs) for Soloists, Female Chorus and Instrumental Accompaniment H.354
`The prophecies of Isaiah` Unfinished Cantata H.383
eska rapsodie, cantata for baritone, choir, orchestra and organ (1918) H.118
Quartet for oboe, violin, cello and piano H.315
Quartet for Clarinet, French Horn, Violoncello and Side-drum C-dur (1924) H.139
Comic Opera `Ženitba` (1952)
Cello Concerto 1 H.196
Cello Concerto 2 (1945) H.304
Concerto for Oboe and Chamber Orchestra (1955) H.353
Concerto for 2 violins & Orchestra in D major H.329
Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra H.292
Harpsichord Concerto H.246
Concerto for Violin and Piano (1910) H. 13
Concerto for Violin, Piano and Orchestra H.342
Violin Concerto No. 1. 1933 H.226
Violin Concerto 2 (1943) H.293
Concerto for Violin, Cello, Piano and String Orchestra (1933) H.231
Concerto for String Quartet & Orchestra H.207
Concerto for Flute, Violin and Orchestra (1936) H.252
Piano Concerto 1 (1925) H.149
Piano Concerto 2 (1934) H.237
Concert 3 for Piano and Orchestra (1948) H.316
Concert 4 for Piano and Orchestra (`Incantation`) (1956) H.358
Concerto 5 for Piano and Orchestra (`Fantasia concertante`)(1958) H.366
Concertino for Cello, Winds, Piano and Percussion c-moll H.143
Concertino for Piano and Orchestra (1938) H.269
Sinfonia Cjncertante for oboe, bassoon, violin, cello & orchestra H.322
Suite Concertante for Violin and Orchestra in D H.276a
Suite Concertante for Violin and Orchestra in D H.276
Concert Overture for Orchestra (Predehra) 1953 H.345
Duo concertant for 2 Violins and Orchestra H.264
Concerto Grosso for 2 Pianos H.263
Album Leaf 1 for piano H.222
Madrigal-sonata for flute, violin and piano H.291
Mazurka `Homage to Paderewski` for piano H.284
Mazurka-Notturno for oboe, two violins and cello (1949) H.325
The Little Lullaby for piano H.122 bis
Little Dance Suite (1919) H.123
Nocturne for piano H. 95
Nocturne No. 1 - for Violin, Viola & Orchestra in fis-moll (1915) H. 91
Nonet No.1 `Pastorely ze Stowe` H.335
Nonet No.2 - for violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and french horn (1959) H.374
Opera `Ariana` H.370
Radio-Opera The Voice of the Forest H.243
pera `Alexandre Bis` (1937) H.255
Opera `Julietta, or The Key to Dreams` (`Julietta ou La Clé des songes`, 1936-37) H.253
Opera `Veselohra na mosta` (1935) H.247
Opera `Mirandolina` (1959) H.346
Opera `Slzy nože` H.169
Opera `Řecké pašije` (The Greek Passion) H.372
Oratorio `The Epic of Gilgamesh` H.351
Partita for strings H.212
Pesnieky na jednu stanku, Seven Songs for Voice and Piano H.294 H.294
Songs for Children`s Chorus H.373
Song `Až buden staří` for voice and piano H. 10
Song Koleda milostná (A Love Carol) for voice and piano H.259
Song `Než se naděješ` (Before You Know) for voice and piano H. 6
Povedz ze mi, povedz
`Mountains in the autumn,` for voice and piano
Song Congratulation to Mama for voice and piano H.279 bis
Farewell to Winter
Song Without Words for piano d-moll H. 46
Prelude in the Form Scherzo (1929, rch. 1930) H.181a
Prelude for Piano H.140
Prelude for Piano H.178
Prelude for Piano 2 in f-moll H. 86
Prelude 1 on the Marseillaise for piano H. 85
Rhapsody (Allegro Symphonique),for large orchestra, H. 171 (1926 Paris) H.171
Rhapsody - Concerto for Viola and Orchestra H.337
Rhytmic Etudes for Violin and Piano (1931) H.202
Half-time - Rondo for Large Orchestra H.142
Sextet for Piano and Winds (1929), for flute, oboe, clarinet, two bassoons and piano H.174
Serenade for Chamber Orchestra H. 199 H.199
Serenade for Two Clarinets, Violin, Viola and Violoncello - in F H.334
Serenade No. 1 in a Minor - for clarinet, french horn, three violins and viola H.217
Serenade No. 2 for Two Violins and Viola H.216
3 Serenade for Oboe, Clarinet and Strings (1932) H.218
Sinfonietta Giocosa for Piano and Small Orchestra H.282
Sinfonietta La Jolla for Piano and Orchestra in A H.328
Symphonic Poem `Vanishing Midnight` (1922) H.131
Symphony 1 H.289
Symphony 2 (1943) H.295
Symphony 3 (1944) H.299
Symphony 4 (1945) H.305
Symphony No. 5 H.310
Symphony 6 (Fantaisies symphoniques) (1953) H.343
Scherzo for Orcherstra Thunderbolt P-47 H.309
Scherzo for flute and piano H.174a
Scherzo for piano H.138 bis
Sonata for Viola and Piano H.355
Sonata for cello and piano 1 (1939) H.277
Sonata for cello and piano 2 (1941) H.286
Sonata for cello and piano 3 (1952) H.340
Sonata for Two Violins and Piano (1932) H.213
Violin Sonata in C major (1919) H.120
Violin Sonata in d-moll (1926) H.152
Violin Sonata 1 (1929) H.182
Violin Sonata 2 (1931) H.208
Violin Sonata 3 (1944) H.303
Sonata for flute and piano H.306
Sonata for flute, violin and piano H.254
Sonata for piano H.350
Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano H.356
Violin Sonatina in G major (1937) H.262
Sonatine for Trumpet and Piano H. 357 H.357
String Trio 1 H.136 H.136
String Trio 2 (1934) H.238
String Quartet No. 1 (1918) H.117
String Quartet No. 2 (1925) H.150
String Quartet No. 3 (1929) H.183
String Quartet No. 4 (1937) H.256
String Quartet No. 5 (1938) H.268
String Quartet No. 6 (1946) H.312
String Quartet No. 7 (Concerto da Camera) (1947) H.314
Piano Suite Pohádka o Zlatovlásce (A Fairy-Tale of Goldilocks) H. 28
La danse H.177
Ronda (Les rondes) for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, 2 Violins and Piano H.200
Toccata e Due Canzoni for Orchestra (1946) H.311
Trojhlase pesne; posvatne (Tri legendy) H. 339. Three-Voice Spiritual Songs (Three legends) for female choir and violin H.339
Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano (1944) H.300
Overture for a Large Orchestra (1953) H.345
Fantasy for Two Pianos H.180
Fantasia for Theremin, Oboe, String Quartet and Piano H.301
Fantaisie et toccata for piano H.281
Foxtrot for Piano H.126 bis
Foxtrot narozený Na růžku for Piano H.123 bis
Piano Trio 1: 5 Pieces Breves H.193
Piano Trio No.2 d-moll (1950) H.327
Piano Trio No.3 C-dur H.332
Piano Quartet (1942) H.287
Piano Quintet (1911) H. 35
Piano Quintet 1 (1933) H.229
Piano Quintet 2 (1944) H.298
Czech Rhapsody for Violin and Piano (1945) H.307
Czech Madrigals for chorus unaccompanied H.278
Impromptu, for Two Pianos H.359
Impromptu for Violin and Piano (1927) H.166
Elegy for Violin and Piano (1909) H. 3
Sketches for piano (1 rank) H.203
Etudes and polkas for piano ( I book) H.308/1
Etudes and polkas for piano (II book) H.308/2
Etudes and polkas for piano (III book) H.308/3