Moritz Moszkowski


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Danse Bohème (Bohemian Dance) after Bizet`s ``Carmen``
Death of Isolde, transcription from the opera of Wagner`s `Tristan und Isolde`
Barcarolle from Offenbach`s ``Tales of Hoffmann``
Twelve Etudes for Piano (Left Hand) op.92
15 Etudes for Piano op.72
15 Etudes for Piano (separate pieces)
2 Concert Etudes for piano op.48
2 Pieces for Piano op.67
20 Petites Etudes for piano op.91
3 Arabesques for piano op.61
3 Bagatelles for piano op.63
3 Mazurkas for piano op.60
3 New Spanish Dances for piano 4 hands op.65
3 Pieces for Piano op.42
3 Pieces for Piano op.73
3 Pieces for Piano op.34
3 Pieces for Piano op.86
Three Etudes op.24
3 Etudes for Piano op.78
4 Moments musicaux for piano op.84
4 Pieces for Piano op.68
Funf Walzer op. 8
5 Spanish Dances for piano, 4 hands op.12
5 Miniatures for piano op.28
5 pieces (1896) op.57
6 Pieces for Piano op.83
6 Pieces for Piano op.15
6 fantastic pieces for piano op.52
8 Pieces for Piano op.58
8 characteristic pieces for piano op.36
Allegramente for piano op. 7/1
Allegro agitato for piano op.81/2
Con moto for piano op. 7/2
Fackeltanz op.51
Tranquillo e semplice for piano op. 7/3
Landschaftsbildchen for piano op.52/1
Mit Facher und Mantilla for piano op.80/2
Passepied for piano op.56/3
Zwiegesang for piano op.52/3
Fugitive Thought for piano op.94/9
Pensées fugitives, 3 piano pieces op.66
Résignation for piano op.58/8
Privacy for piano op.77/5
In the old days for piano op.94/5
At dusk for piano op.68/3
Souvenir de Pausilippe for piano op.76/1
Guitar op.45
Children`s story for piano op.58/5
Strange dream for piano op.58/7
Johanna d`Arc, Symphonic poem (1875-76) op.19
Offering for piano op.87/2
The juggler for piano op.52/4
Inquiétud for piano op.77/4
From Foreign Lands (Aus aller Herren Länder), suite op.23
Effusion for piano op.58/1
Sparks for piano op.36/6
Kaleidoskop, suite for piano 4-hands op.74
Mélancolie for piano op.58/6
On the water for piano op.83/2
At the festival for piano op.52/6
Caresses for piano op.95/5
Les Nymphes for violin and piano op.82/1
In autumn for piano op.36/4
Expansion for piano op.36/3
Tristesse for piano op.77/1
Offering to Schumann, Fantasy for Piano op. 5
Glittering Dewdrops for piano op.93/6
Old pastel for piano op.83/3
Old memory for piano op.58/4
Crazy race for piano op.73/3
Dance of the magician for piano op.94/6
The shepherd dance, Scene for Voices, Chorus, Orchestra op.44
Quiet evening for piano op.94/2
Exultation for piano op.93/4
Near the Cradle for piano op.58/3
By the Stream for piano op.93/3
Consolation for piano op.58/2
Masks joke and unmasking for piano op.52/5
Allegro scherzando for piano op.20
Entracte for piano op.56/1
Arabesque for piano op.15/2
Arabesque for piano op.95/4
Arabesque for piano four-hands op.96/5
Bagatelle for piano op.94/7
Laurin, Ballet (1895) op.53
Air de ballet for piano op.35/5
Air de ballet for piano four-hands op.96/4
Ballade for Violin and Orchestra in g-moll op.16/1
Barcarolle op.27/1
Barcarolle for piano op.15/6
Valse brillante for piano
Bolero for Violin and Piano op.16/2
Grand Concert Waltz op.88
Bourrée for piano op.38/1
Waltz (Valse Mignonne) WoO
Walzer for piano op.15/5
Walzer for piano op.17/3
Walzer for piano op.32/3
Valse for piano op.34/1
Valse for piano four-hands op.96/7
Walzer for piano in 4 hands op.11/2
Valse and Mazurka for piano op.46
Valse-Caprice for piano op.76/2
Valse tourbillon for piano op.89/5
Valse-prélude for piano op.89/1
Ungarischer Tanz for piano in 4 hamds op.11/3
Esquisse Vénitienne for piano op.73/1
Funny piece for piano op.35/3
Gavotte for Piano op.86/2
Gondoliera (Peters) 1886 op.41
Valse triste for piano op.89/3
Pièce rustique for piano op.36/8
Children march for piano in 4 hands op.33/1
Plaintive melody for piano op.95/1
Idylle for piano op.94/3
Chanson populaire for piano op.83/5
Improvisation for Piano op.70/2
Intermezzo for piano op.56/4
Album espagnol, for piano op.21
Spanish Caprice op.37
Mélodie italienne for piano op.38/4
Canon for piano op.15/4
Canon for piano op.81/1
Canon for piano op.83/4
Cantilena for piano op.94/8
Caprice for violin and piano op.82/2
Caprice for piano op. 4
Caprice for piano op.31/6
Caprice for piano op.75/1
Caprice-Étude for piano op.70/1
Capriccietto for piano op.54/3
Lullaby for cello and piano op.29/1
Lullaby for voice and piano (1876) op. 9/2
Berceuse for piano op.38/1
Berceuse for piano four-hands op.96/6
Conservatoristen-Polka for piano op. 1/2
Concerto for violin and orchestra in C-dur (1885) op.30
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in E-dur (1898) op.59
Piano Concerto in b-moll op. 3
Valse de concert for Piano op.69
Krakowiak for piano in 4 hands op.55/4
Lament for Piano
Lament for Piano op.87/1
Albumblatt op. 2
Feuillet d´Album for piano op.86/1
Mazurka for piano op.15/3
Mazurka for piano op.34/3
Mazurka for piano op.38/3
Mazurka for piano op.10/3
Mazurka No.1 for piano in 4 hands op.55/1
Mazurka No.2 for piano in 4 hands op.55/2
Poëme de Mai for piano op.67/1
Marcia for piano op.18/4
Valse mélancolique for piano op.31/3
Caprice mélancolique for piano op.35/1
Melodia appassionata for piano op.81/6
Air for cello and piano op.29/3
Mélodie for violin and piano op.82/3
Mélodie for Piano op.18/1
Mélodie for Piano op.31/2
Mélodie for Piano op.77/9
Mélodie for Piano op.10/1
Melodie for piano op.54/2
Mélodie for piano four-hands op.96/3
Minuet for piano op.32/1
Minuetto for piano op.68/2
Minuetto for piano op.95/3
Minuetto for piano op.56/6
Rêverie for piano op.36/2
Valse Mignonne for piano op.89/2
Miniature for piano op.93/1
Momento scherzoso for piano (1913)
Monologue for piano op.31/1
Moment Musical for piano op.35/2
Moment Musical for piano four-hands op.96/2
Chanson napolitaine for piano op.83/6
Valse tendre for piano op.89/4
Deutsche Reigen, for piano, 4 hands op.25
Nouvelles danses espagnoles (New Spanish Dances) op.65
Nocturne for piano op.68/1
Night piece for piano op.52/2
Boabdil, opera (1892) op.49
Pantomime for piano op.77/8
Denke, denke, mein Geliebter, song for vocal and piano op.22/4
Ich habe bevor der Morgen, song for vocal and piano op.22/2
Nicht der Thau und nicht der Regen, song for vocal and piano op.22/3
Was ists, o Vater, song for vocal and piano op.22/1
Wie so bleich ich geworden bin, song for vocal and piano op.22/5
I Do Not Ask if Thou Art Mine, song for vocal and piano op.26/1
Spinning song for piano in 4 hands op.33/4
Polonaise for Piano op.18/5
Polonaise for Piano op.17/1
Polonaise for Piano op.45/1
Polonaise for Piano in 4 hands op.55/3
Polonaise for Piano in 4 hands op.11/1
Polnische Volkstänze, for piano duet op.55
Prélude for piano op.94/1
Prologue for piano four-hands op.96/1
Pièce rococo for piano op.36/1
Joyful moment for piano op.42/3
Romance sans paroles for piano op.77/3
Romance for Piano op.42/1
Romance for Piano op.81/5
Romance and Scherzo for piano op.62
Pièce romantique for piano op.80/1
Danse russe for piano op.68/4
Sarabande for piano op.56/2
Valse sentimentale for piano op.36/7
Serenata for Piano op.15/1
Siciliano for piano op.42/2
Scherzetto for piano op.31/4
Scherzino for piano op.18/2
Scherzino for piano op.95/2
Scherzino for piano op.77/2
Scherzo for Piano op. 1
Scherzo-Valse op.40
Scherzo-Étude for piano op.86/3
Happy round for piano op.94/10
Suite for 2 violins, piano op.71
Suite for 2 violins, piano op.71
Suite d`Orchestre No.1 op.39
Suite d`Orchestre No.2 op.47
Suite d`Orchestre No.3 op.79
Suite for Piano op.50
Tarantelle for for Cello and Piano op.29/2
Tarantella op.27/2
Tarantelle for piano op.27/2
Tarentelle for piano op.77/6
Tarantelle for piano four-hands op.96/8
Tarantelle for Piano 4 hands op.33/3
Theme and Variations in the Styles of Different Composers for piano
Esquisses techniques for piano op.97
Fabliau for piano op.76/3
Fantaisie-impromptu for Piano op. 6
Phantasmagorie for piano op.56/5
Danse fantastique for piano op.54/1
Parts of Works and Fragments of Cycles
Procession and Gavotte for piano 4-hands op.43
Impromptu for Piano op.31/5
Impromptu for Piano op.73/2
Impromptu for Piano op.35/4
Impromptu for Piano op.87/3
Impromptu for Piano op.93/5
Impromptu for Piano op.77/7
Fantasy-Impromptu op. 6
Mélodie Élégiaque for piano op.93/2
Élégie for Piano op.83/1
Etude for Piano op.18/3
Etude for Piano op.32/2
Etude for Piano op.34/2
Etude for Piano op.67/2
Etude for Piano op.75/2
Etude for Piano op.94/4
Étude de Legato for piano op.81/3
Etude No.1 for piano op.72/1
Etude No. 2 for piano op. 72/2
Etude No. 3 for piano op.72/3
Etude No. 4 for piano op.72/4
Etude No. 5 for piano op.72/5
Etude No. 6 for piano op.72/6
Etude No. 7 for piano op.72/7
Etude No. 8 for piano op.72/8
Etude No. 9 for piano op.72/9
Etude No.10 for piano op.72/10
Etude No.11 for piano op.72/11
Etude No.12 for piano op.72/12
Etude No.13 for piano op.72/13
Etude No.14 for piano op.72/14
Etude No.15 for piano op.72/15
Studies in Double Notes for piano op.64
Humoresque for violin and piano op.82/4
Humoreske for piano op.14
Humoresque for piano op.81/4
Humoreske for piano in 4 hands op.33/2