Modest Mussorgsky


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Near the Southern Shore of the Crimea (Capriccio) (1880)
On the Southern Shore of the Crimea (Gurzuf at Ayu-Dag) (1880)
In the Village (Quasi Fantasia) (1880)
Solemn march (The Capture of Kars) (1880)
Childhood Memory (Souvenir D`Enfance) (1857)
Children`s Games (1859/1860)
Rêverie (1865)
From Memories of Childhood (1865)
`Joshua`, oratoria (1874-77)
Pictures at an Exhibition, for orchestra
Pictures at an Exhibition, for piano
`Night on Bald Mountain`, a fantasy for orchestra (1867)
`The Destruction of Sennacherib`, for chorus & orchestra (1866-67/1874)
Meditation (album leaf) (1880)
Tear (1880)
La Capricieuse (1865)
The Seamstress (Scherzino) (1871)
`Without the sun`, a song cycle (1874)
`Childrens`, a song cycle (1868-72)
`Songs and Dances of Death`, a song cycle (1875-77)
Gopak of the Merry Lads from the opera Sorochyntsi Fair (1880)
Intermezzo in B minor (1860/1867)
`Oedipus Rex`, the scene in the church (1858-61)
Opera `Boris Godunov` (1868-73)
Opera `Boris Godunov` (arias, fragments)
Opera `The Marriage` (Unfinished) (1868)
Opera `Salammbo` (1863-66)
Opera `Sorochintsy Fair` (1874-80)
Opera `Khovanshchina` (1872-80)
Opera `Khovanshchina` (arias, fragments)
Song `Ah, You Are A Drunken Sot`
Song `Star, where are you?` (1857/1858/1863-66)
Song `Gopak` (1866/1868)
Song `Calistrat` (1864)
Lullaby for Eremushka (1868)
Song `Night` (1864/1868)
Pirushka (1867)
Picking Mushrooms (1867)
Garden Blooms over the Don (1867)
Svetik Savvishna (1866)
Song `Seminarist` (1866)
Blokha, Song of Mephistopheles in Auerbach`s Cellar (1879)
Polka `Porte-enseigne` for piano (1852)
Desire (1866)
Ballads, songs
Symphony in D-dur (1860-62)
Scherzo in B flat major (1858)
Sonata for piano in four hands in C Major (unfinished) (1860)
Passionate Impromptu (Recollection of Beltov and Lyuba) (1859)
Episode of Godunov and Shuisky
Parts of Works
Six Songs in the Orchestration of Igor Markevich
The Market Scene from the opera Sorochyntsi Fair (1880)