Gabriel Pierne

GABRIEL PIERNE (1863–1937)
Gabriel Pierne (conductor)

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15 Pièces for piano (1883) op. 3
20 Melodies for vocals and piano
3 Musical adaptations
3 Songs for Vocal and Piano (1880)
Trois Pièces formant Suite de Concert for Piano op. 40
3 Pièces for organ op. 29
3 Pièces for violin, viola, and cello
6 Pièces pour piano (1935)
6 Ballades françaises for voice and piano (1921)
Expansion for Cello & Piano
Introduction and variations sur une Ronde Populaire Andante-Allegro
March of the Little Soldiers for orchestra
Nuit Divine (1902)
Trois chansons de metiers, cycle for children`s choir and piano (1934)
Gai, gai, marions-nous, 20 french songs for vocal and piano
Album for my boyfriends, 6 pieces for piano op. 14
Voyage au `Pays du Tendre` d`apres la Carte du Tendre, for Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello and Harp
Ramuntcho, music for the play by Pierre Loti (1910)
Marion`s wedding for female chorus (4-part)
`Cydalise et le Chèvre-Pied` - Ballet suite No. 1
Les cathédrales, Prelude to Eugène Morand`s dramatic poem for orchestra (1915)
The year one thousand, poème symphonique for chorus and orchestra
Franciscan landscapes, piece for orchestra (1919) op. 43
Yanthis, piece for female chorus (2 soprano, 2 contralto), orchestra (1894)
Andante for Violin & Piano (1881)
Entry into the classical style for organ
Bagatelle for piano op. 33
Impressions of music hall, Ballet (1921) op. 47
Ballet `Giration` (1933)
Cydalise and the goat-foot, ballet (1914-15)
Barcarolle for piano in 4 hands (1890) op. 26
Fantaisie basque for violin and orchestra (1927) op. 49
Valse-Impromptu for piano 4 hands op. 27
Suite of Waltzes and Cortege-Blues `Viennoise` for piano op. 49bis
Variations for Piano in c-moll op. 42
Sérénade vénitienne for piano op. 34
Villanelle for vocal and piano (1883)
Hymn of love for voice and piano (1883)
Entertainment on a pastoral theme for orchestra (1932) op. 49
Improvisata for piano (1889) op. 22
Intermezzo for orchestra
La Danseuse espagnole for Violin & Piano (1925)
Sonata da camera for Flute, Cello & Piano (1926) op. 48
Pandore, cantata for soprano soloist, speaker, chorus, and orchestra (1888)
The Samaritan, cantata (1897)
Édith, Cantata for Vocal soloists and orchestra (1882)
Canzonetta for Clarinet and Piano in Es-dur (1888) op. 19
Caprice for Cello & Piano op. 16
Berceuse for Violin & Piano (1880) op. 8
Concerto for Piano & Orchestra in C minor (1886-87) op. 12
Prelude de concert for Bassoon & Piano (1933) op. 53
Concert Piece for Harp and Orchestra
Solo de Concert for Bassoon & Piano (1895) op. 35
Etude de concert for Piano op. 13
Konzertstück for harp and orchestra (1901) op. 39
Rêverie for piano (1888) op. 20
Nocturne for piano op. 31
Bouton d`or, opera (1893)
Vendée!, opera (1897)
Tabarin`s daughter, opera (1901)
Izeÿl, opera (1894)
We do not play with love, opera (1910)
Sophie Arnould, opera (1927)
Fragonard, opera (1930)
Elves, opera (1884)
The enchanted cup, Opéra comique (1895)
Children in Bethlehem, oratorio (1907)
The children`s crusade, oratorio (1902)
Saint François d`Assise, Oratorio (1912)
Suite d`orchestre No.1 (1883) op. 11
Le docteur Blanc, Pantomime (1893)
The sapphire necklace, Pantomime (1891)
Pantomime for Small orchestra op. 24
Passacaille for Piano (1932) op. 52
Pastorale for Wind Quintet (1887)
Pastoral variee for Winds (1898) op. 30
Shepherd song for voice and piano (1883)
La brise, song for voice and piano (1883)
The two roses, song for voice and piano/orchestra
The girls of Cadiz, song for voice and piano (1883)
Do you know my swallow, song for voice and piano (1883)
Do you know, song for voice and piano (1882)
A Lucette, song for voice and piano (1883)
The red carnation, song for voice and piano/orchestra (1890)
To both of us, song for voice and piano (1879)
The mill, song for Voice and Piano (1881)
Mimi Pinson, song for voice and piano (1881)
Mignonne, song for voice and piano (1883)
In a boat, song for voice and piano (1883)
Sadness, song for voice and piano (1883)
The supreme goodbye, song for voice and piano (1883)
Provence, song for voice and piano (1883)
The laughter, song for voice and piano (1885)
Good evening, song for voice and piano (1883)
The three little birds, song for voice and piano (1892)
Preludio e Fughetta for Winds (1903-04) op. 40, 1
Prelude on the name of Paul Dukas for piano (1935)
Piece for Oboe and Piano op. 5
Ritournelle for voice and piano (1884)
Variations libres et finale op. 51
Serenade for Violin & Piano (1881) op. 7
Sérénade for Colombine for piano op. 32
Symphonic poem for piano & orchestra in C minor (1903) op. 37
Scherzando for piano op. 29bis
Scherzo-Caprice in D major (1890) op. 25
Sonata for Cello and Piano in fis-moll (1919) op. 46
Violin Sonata (1900) op. 36
Three-party fugue for 3 instruments
Fantaisie-Ballet for piano & orchestra in B flat major (1885) op. 6
Fantaisie-Impromptu for Violin & Piano (1885) op. 4
Piano Trio op. 45
Quintet for piano and Strings (1917) op. 41
Fugue for organ (1882) op. 3
Choral (Offertoire) for organ
Impromptu-caprice for harp (1900) op. 9