Giacinto Scelsi

Giacinto Scelsi (Piano)

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Three Etudes for Solo Viola (1956)
Four Pieces for Trumpet Solo, 1956
Action Music for Piano, nine parts, (1955)
`Aitsi`. Option for an acoustic piano
`Aitsi`. Option for the synthesizer
`Alleluia` (1970)
Alleluia for cello solo, 1970
`Anagamin` for twelve strings (1965)
Anahit (violin and orchestra, 1965)
Antifona [sul nome Gesu], for male choir and tenor solo (1970)
Arc-en-Ciel, for two Violins (1973)
Ave Maria (1970)
Ballata, for Cello and Orchestra (1945)
Canti del Capricorno
Coelocanth for viola solo, three parts (1955)
Dithome for Cello (1957)
`Duo` for violin and cello (1965)
`Elegia per Ty` for Viola and Cello (1958)
`Elohim` for string quartet, two violins, solo, two electric violins and two cellos (1965/1967)
`Ho` for soprano (1960)
`Hyxos` for alto flute and percussion in 3 parts. 1955
I presagi (1958) fur 10 Instrumentalisten
`In Nomine Lucis` for organ, 1984
IXOR for reed instrument (1956)
Ko-Lho (1966) for flute and clarinet
Ko-Tha - three dance of Shiva, for Guitar (1967), or Bass (version 1972) or six-stringed cello (version 1978)
Kolx-ot pax
Krishna e Radha (1986) for flute and piano
La Nascita del Verbo, cantata for choir and orchestra, 1948
L`ame ailee (1974)
L`ame ouverte (1974)
`Maknongan` (1976)
Manto for viola solo / female voice (1957)
Mantram canto anonimo. Option for double bass
`Natura renovatur` for eleven string instruments (1967)
`Okanagon` (1968) for Harp, Double bass and Tam-Tam
Piccola Suite (1953)
`Pranam 2` for an ensemble of strings and brass. (1973)
Preghiera per un`ombra for clarinet solo (1954)
Pwyll for flute solo. 1954
4 Illustrazioni for Piano, 1953
`Quays` for alto flute solo. 1954
5 Incantesimi for Piano, 1953
`Rotative` for 2 pianos
`Rucke di guck` for piccolo and oboe in 3 parts. 1957
Sauh II, Liturgy for voice and tape, 1973
Suite for Flute and B flat Clarinet
Tetratkis, for Flute
`TKRDG` for votes, sitar and percussion, three parts (1968)
To the Master, for Cello and Piano (1974)
Tre Canti di primayera per voce e pianoforte (1933)
Tre canti sacri, for mixed choir (1958)
Tre pezzi, for saxophone (1956)
Tre pezzi, for trombone (1956)
Tre studi (1954) for clarinet solo
Uaxuctum `The Legend of the Maya City which destroyed itself for religious reasons` for 4 vocal soloists, ondes martenot solo, mixed choir and orchestra (1966)
Un Adieu for Piano (1988)
Xnoybis (1964) for flute and clarinet
`Yamaon` for a voice and five instruments in 5 parts. (1953)
Yliam, for female choir (1964)
Variations and Fugue for piano, 1940
12 Preludes for Piano (1936-40)
Divertimento 3 for solo violin in 4 parts. (1955)
Divertimento 4 for solo violin, 4 parts (1955)
Capriccio for Piano (1940)
Folk song for an ensemble of voices.
Rites: the burial of Alexander the Great (323 BC.) for contrabassoon, tubes, electronic, percussion and double bass (1963)
Rites funeral of Achilles, for percussion (4 artist) 1962
Rites: Burial of Charlemagne (814), for cello and percussion (1967)
Preludies for Piano, Serie II
Preludes for Piano, Serie III
Preludes for Piano, Serie IV
Seven songs from the series `Canti del Capricorni` for voice and percussion, 1962-72
Piano Sonata No. 3 (1939)
Piano Sonata No. 2 (1939)
Piano Sonata 4
String Trio (1958)
String Quartet No. 1, 1944
String Quartet No. 2, 1961
String Quartet No. 3, 1963
String quartet 4 (1964)
String Quartet No. 5 (1974/85)
Suite No. 10 for Piano (seven parts, 1954)
Suite No. 11 for Piano (10 parts, 1956)
Piano Suite No. 5 (ten parts), 1937
Piano Suite No. 8, 1952
Suite for Piano No. 9, 1953
Twelve Minor Prophets. Suite 2 for Piano (12 parts, 1930)
I Capricci di Ty, Suite No. 6 for Piano (1939)
Trio for vibraphone, marimba and percussion in 2 parts. (1950)
Four Poems for piano (1934 - 37)
`Quattro pezzi` for orchestra