Pawel Szymanski


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ΦΥΛΑΚΤΗΡΙΟΝ (PHYLAKTERION), for sixteen voices and percussion (2011)
...under the plane tree..., for recording (1980)
.Eals (Oomsu), for orchestra (2009)
a due, for two violins (1991)
A kaleidoscope for M.C.E. [original cello version], for cello solo (1989)
A kaleidoscope for M.C.E. [violin version], for violin solo (1994)
A Photo from the Birthday Party (The Silesian String Quartet with a Shadow of Bartok), for string quartet (1998)
a piúcorde, for piano and eight harps (2010)
A Study of Shade, for orchestra (1989)
Appendix, for flute piccolo and chamber ensemble (1983)
Bagatelle für A.W., for violin, clarinet, tenor saxophone and piano (1995)
Ceci n`est pas une ouverture, (2007)
chlorophaenhylohydroxipiperidinofluorobutyrophaenon, for chamber ensemble and other sounds (2002)
Compartment 2, Car 7 for violin, viola, cello and vibraphone (2003)
Concerto con duoi Violini e Violoncello di Concertino obbligati e duoi altri Violini, Viola e Basso di Concerto Grosso del SigSzymanski, for chamber ensemble (2006)
Drei Lieder nach Trakl [version I] for soprano and piano (2002)
Drei Lieder nach Trakl [version II] for soprano and chamber orchestra (2002)
Film Music, for orchestra (1994-96)
Four Hevelian Dances, for large organ and two organ-positive (2011)
Gloria, for female choir and orchestra (1979)
IN PARADISUM deducant te Angeli..., motet for male chorus (1995)
K., for orchestra (1972)
Kyrie, for children`s chorus and orchestra (1977)
La folia, for tape recording (1979)
Limericks [version I], for viola and harpsichord (1975)
Lux Aeterna (1984)
Miserere for voices and instruments (1993)
quasi una sinfonietta, for chamber orchestra (1990, rev. 2000)
Recalling a serenade, for clarinet and string quartet (1996)
Singletrack, for piano (2005)
Sixty-Odd Pages, for chamber orchestra (1991)
SONAT(IN)A, for piano, clarinet, trombone and cello (1995)
Sostenuto, for orchestra (2012)
Through the looking glass... I, for chamber orchestra (1987)
Through the looking glass... II, for recording (1988)
Through the looking glass... III [version I], for harpsichord (1994)
Through the looking glass... III [version II], for harpsichord and string quartet (1994)
Trope, for piano (1986)
Two Illusory Constructions, for clarinet, cello and piano (1984)
Une Suite de Pieces de Clavecin par Mr. Szymanski [original harpsichord version], for harpsichord (2001)
Une Suite de Pieces de Clavecin par Mr. Szymanski [piano version] (2001)
Viderunt omnes fines terrae, for boys` choir and ensemble (1998)
Villanelle (the words of James Joyce), for countertenor, two violas and harpsichord (1981)
Two Studies, for orchestra (1992)
Two Etudes for Piano (1986)
Two Melodias for piano (1995)
Two Pieces for String Quartet (1982)
Ten Pieces for string trio (1979)
Gigue, for solo cello (2006)
Piano Concerto (1994)
Concerto a 4, for clarinet, trombone, cello and piano (2004)
Hear us all (Uslysz nas Wszystkich) 2009
Na szczytach panuje cisza (Silence at the top) 2006
Persona, music for theatre (2009)
Zaratustra (2005)
Partita III for amplified harpsichord and orchestra (1986)
Partita IV for orchestra (1986)
Prelude and Fugue, for Piano (2000)
Five Pieces for String Quartet. 1992
Sonata for strings and percussion (1982)
Three Pieces for three recorders with accompaniment of the metronome (1993)
Four liturgical songs for soprano and orchestra (1980-81)
Four Pieces for String Quartet (2013)
The epilogue of the opera `Qudsja Zaher` for chamber orchestra (2013)
Epitaph, for two pianos (1974)