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Two poems by Paul Verlaine op.9
Two Songs to lyrics by S. Gorodetsky op. 6
Two poems by Konstantin Balmont
Three Light Pieces for Piano three hands (1914-15)
3 moment of `Petrouchka` (1921)
Three Little Songs (from the recollections of my childhood) for voice and piano
Three Songs from William Shakespeare (1953)
3 pieces for solo clarinet (1918)
3 Pieces for String Quartet (1914)
Three Japanese Lyrics for sopran and chamber orchestra (1912-13)
Four Norwegian Moods (1942)
Four Songs for mezzo-soprano, flute, harp and guitar (1953-54)
Four studies for orchestra (1928-29)
Five Easy Pieces for Piano Four Hands (1917)
8 instrumental miniatures (1962)
Da pacem Domine (Gesualdo-Stravinsky)
Duet for bassoons
`Abraham and Isaac` - a sacred ballad for baritone and chamber orchestra (1962-63)
`Basle Concerto` for String Orchestra in D major (1946)
`Renard: Histoire burlesque` (1917)
Ballet Scene (1944)
`Ave Maria` for mixed chorus a capella (1934, rev. 1949)
`Waltz for Children` for piano (1917)
Valse des fleurs (1914)
Credo for mixed choir a cappella
Souvenir d`une marche boche (1915)
`Blue Bird` ( Pas de deux from the ballet suite `The wedding beauty to the Enchanted Forest` to music by Tchaikovsky in the treatment of Stravinsky) (1941)
Concerto for Chamber Orchestra in E-flat major `Dumbarton Oaks` (1938)
`Movement` for piano and orchestra in five parts (1958-59)
Divertimento from `The Fairy`s Kiss` (1934, 1949)
`Requiem Canticles` for contralto and bass solo, chorus and orchestra (1965-66)
`Histoire du Soldat` (1918)
Italian Suite for Cello and Piano (1932)
Italian Suite for Violin and Piano (1933)
As Mushrooms Were Going To War (1904)
Lullaby, by the composer`s text (1917)
`Concert Dancing` for chamber orchestra (1940-42)
`Cats Cradle Songs` for contralto and three clarinets (1915-16)
`Madrid`, etude for pianola (1917)
Little Harmonic Ramuziana (1937)
La Marseillaise, for Violin
Canon on the Russian folk tunes (1965)
`Ode` for orchestra (1943)
Pater noster for mixed choir a cappella (1926, rev. 1949)
In Memoriam Dylan Thomas, for tenor, string quartet, and four trombones (1954)
The Monument of Gesualdo di Venoza (1960)
Pastorale (1907)
`Persephone`, a melodrama for the reader, tenor, chorus and orchestra (1933-34)
Chant du Rossignol - Symphonic Poem for orchestra (1917)
`Lamentations of Jeremiah`, oratorio for soloists, mixed chorus and orchestra to the Latin text of the Old Testament (1957-58)
`The Flood` (1961-62)
`Pribautki` - Song games for Medium Voice and 8 Instruments (1914)
`Five Fingers`, eight very easy pieces on five notes for piano (1921)
`Russian Song` from opera `Mavra` (tr. for Violin & Piano by Stravinsky & Dushkin)
`Russian Dance` from ballet `Pétrouchka` (tr. for Violin & Piano by Stravinsky & Dushkin)
`Les Noces` choreographic scenes with singing and music to folk texts from the Kireyevsky (1923)
Canticum Sacrum for tenor, baritone, chorus and orchestra (1956)
Symphony of Psalms for chorus and orchestra in three parts on the Latin texts of the Old Testament (1930)
`Scherzo` from ballet `Firebird` (tr. for Violin & Piano by Stravinsky & Dushkin)
`The Owl and the Pussy Cat` for soprano and piano (1966)
Three Tales for Children - for voice and piano (1916-17)
Storm, poem by A. Pushkin (1902)
`Faun and shepherdess` - Song suite for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (1906) op.2
Fanfares for a New Theater (1964)
`Fireworks` - A fantasy for large orchestra (1908) . 4
Piano-Rag music for piano (1919)
`Circus Polka` (composed for a young elephant, 1942)
`Ebony Concerto` for Clarinet & Jazz Ensemble (1945)
`Hey, uhnem` in the treatment of Stravinsky (1917)
`Epitaph to the headstone of Prince Max Egon Zu Furstenberg` for flute, clarinet and harp (1959)
Adagio from Apollon musagète
Anthem `The Dove Descending Breaks the Air` for chorus a capella (1962)
`Agon` (`Contest`), ballet for 12 dancers in three parts (1953-57)
Apollo [Musagetes], a ballet in two scenes for string orchestra (1927-28)
Ballet `The Rite of Spring`s` (1913)
Ballet `Firebird` (`Loiseau de feu`, 1910)
Ballet `Jeu de cartes` (1936-37)
Ballet `Orpheus` (1947)
`Petrouchka`, funny scenes in the 4 paintings by Igor Stravinsky and Alexander Benois, ballet (1911)
Ballet `Le baiser de la fée` (1928, rev. 1950)
Ballet `Pulcinella` (1920)
Variations in memory of Aldous Huxley for Orchestra (1964)
Anthem (T.S.Eliot) (1962)
Tombeau de Claude Debussy, Funeral chorale for piano (1920)
Two Spiritual Songs from the Spanish Book of Songs by H. Wolf (1968)
Double Canon Raoul Dufy memory for string quartet (1959)
Introitus, T.S. Eliot in memoriam (1965)
Cantata `Babel` on the text from the Books of Moses I (XI, 1-9) for male choir and orchestra with a reader (1944)
`Zvezdoliky`, cantata for male chorus and orchestra on poems by K. Balmont (1911-12)
Cantata `A Sermon, a Narrative and a Prayer` for alto and tenor soli, speaker, chorus and orchestra (1961)
Cantata for for soprano, tenor, female chorus and small instrumental ensemble to the anonymous texts of English poetry XV-XVI centuries (1952)
Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra (1928-29)
Lullaby, for two recorders (1960)
Concerto for Two Piano solo (1932-35)
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D major (1931)
Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments (1923-24)
Concertino for four hands (1920)
Concertino for 12 instruments (1952)
Concertino for String Quartet (1920)
Concert Duo for Violin and Piano (1931-32)
Mass for mixed chorus and double wind quintet (1944-48)
Octet for Wind Instruments (1924)
`Mavra`, opera (1922)
Opera `The Rake`s Progress` (1947-51)
The Rake`s Progress, the Opera Arias
Opera `Nightingale` (1908-14)
`Oedipus Rex`, opera-oratorio in two acts by Sophocles (1926-27)
Funeral Hymn O. 5 (1908)
Four Russian Peasant Songs, for female voice unaccompanied (1917; rev. 1954)
Greeting Prelude (1955)
Hommage a Nadia Boulanger (1947)
Praeludium for Jazz Ensemble (1936―37, rev. 1953)
For Pablo Picasso (1917)
Ragtime for Eleven Instruments (1917-18)
Ragtime for Piano (1918)
Septet for clarinet, horn, bassoon, piano, violin, viola and cello (1953)
Serenade in A major (1925)
Symphonies of Wind Instruments. To the memory of Claude Achille Debussy 1920, rev. 1947)
Symphony en Ut (1938-40)
Symphony in Three Movements (1942-45)
Symphony for large orchestra in E-flat Major (1905-07) op. 1
Scherzo a la russe to symphonic jazz orchestra (1945)
Scherzo for Piano (1902)
Sonata for Two Pianos (1943-44)
Sonata for Piano (1924)
Piano Sonata in F sharp minor (1903)
Pulcinella, Suite from the ballet (1922)
Suite from the Ballet, 1919 edition
Suite on themes by Pergolesi for Violin and Piano (1925)
Suite No. 1 (1925)
Suite No. 2 (1921)
Tango for 19 instruments (1953)
Tango for piano (1940)
Scherzo fantastique for large orchestra (1907-08) op.3
Chorale Variations by I. S. Bach on a Christmas song Von Himmel hoch da komm`ich her` (1956)
Parts of Works
Elegy for Solo Viola (1944)
Elegy for J.F.K. (1964)
4 Etudes for Piano (1908) op. 7