Mikhael Tariverdiev


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Water-colours, vocal cycle of medieval Japanese poetry
Count Caliostro, comic opera
`Moods`, 24 Easy Pieces for Piano
`Skirli`, vocal suite in G for M. Malishevsky`s poems
Author`s arrangements of Jewish songs
The Vocal Suite in the Tonality of G on the verses of Mikhail Malishevsky `Skirli`
Vocal Cycle, poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky
Vocal cycle of Bella Akhmadulina`s poetry
Vocal cycle of Leonid Martynov`s poetry
Vocal cycle of Semion Kirsanov`s poetry
Recollections about Venice
Two songs of Marina Tsvetaeva`s poems
Ten pieces from the cycle `Mood`
From the song cycle `Lay Down Your Arms` by E. Hemingway poems translated by A. Voznesensky
Quo vadis ?
Picture of the Old Master, from the Cycle of Mood (24 simple pieces) for Piano
Viola Concerto, 1993
Concert for voice and orchestra
Concerto for Organ "Chernobyl"
Violin Concerto No. 1, 1982
Concert No. 3
Monologues on poems by Andrei Voznesensky
Mono-opera `Waiting`
Music `17 Moments of Spring`
Music `Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath`
Music from the TV, from the Cycle of Mood (24 Simple Pieces) for Piano
`Love`. Music for the film (1968/1992)
Adam Marries Eve, music from the film
Night of Fun (Quiet Music)
Cassandra, first concert for organ
Seven songs - recitatives on poems of Gregory Pozhenyan
Chernobyl, Symphony for Organ
Snow over Leningrad
Three songs on poems by Mikhail Svetlov
Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello, 1994
Six novels vocal on the verses of Ludwig Ashkenazy
Six Chorale Preludes from Op. 103 "Imitation of old masters"