Louis Vierne

LOUIS VIERNE (1870–1937)
Louis Vierne (organ)

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Twelve Preludes for piano (1914-1915) op. 36
Two Pieces for Piano op. 7
Two Pieces op. 5
24 Pièces en style libre (1913): BOOK I op. 31
24 Pièces en style libre (1913): BOOK II op. 31
24 extravaganza, Suite No.1 (1926) op. 51
24 extravaganza, Suite 4 op. 55
The three improvisations (1929)
3 Mélodies for vocal and piano op. 26
Three nocturnes op. 35
3 Nocturnes for piano (1915-16) op. 34
4 Greek Poems for voice and harp op. 60
Four Greek Poems for soprano and harp
5 Poems by Charles Baudelaire for soprano and piano (1919)
Andantino for chorus and organ
Ave Maria for medium voice with organ accompaniment (ca. 1890) op. 3
Clair de lune
Etoile du Soir
Tantum ergo for voice or choir and organ (1886) op. 2
Spleens et détresses, 10 songs for vocal and piano (1917) op. 38
Eros, poème symphonique for vocal and orchestra
Les Angelus (1930) op. 57
The Evening for viola and piano
`Evenings Abroad` for cello and piano op. 56
Children`s silhouettes op. 43
Legend for viola and piano
`Loneliness`, for piano (1918) op. 44
Communion (1894) op. 8
Allegretto (1894) op. 1
Entrée for piano
Burgundy Suite for piano (1899) op. 17
Episcopal march for organ (1928)
Praxinoë, Princesse d`Egypte, cantata for 3 soloists, female chorus, orchestra (1903-05) op. 22
Quintet for Piano and Strings in c-moll (1917-1918) op. 42
Largo and canzonet for Oboe and Piano op. 6
O sad, sad was my soul, melodie for voice and piano (1896)
Low Mass for the Dead for organ (1934) op. 62
Messe basse for organ or harmonium op. 30
Beautiful white butterflies, song for voice and piano (or orchestra) (1896?)
The sky is above the roof, song for voice and piano (1895)
Soleils couchants, song for voice and piano
Poem of funeral bells, N 2 op. 39
Prelude in fis-moll (1914)
Rhapsodie for harp (1909) op. 25
Rhapsody for Harp in G flat major (1909)
Symphonic poem for piano and orchestra (1925-1926) op. 50
Symphony for organ No.1 in d-moll op. 14
Symphony for organ No.2 in e-moll op. 20
Symphony for organ No.3 fis-moll op. 28
Symphony for organ No.4 in g-moll op. 32
Symphony for organ No.5 in a-moll op. 47
Symphony for organ No.6 in h-moll op. 59
Symphony in a-moll (1906-1907) op. 24
Sonata for Violin and Piano in g-moll (1905-1906) op. 23
Sonata for Piano and Cello in h-moll op. 27
Stances of love and dream for Voice and orchestra (1912) op. 29
String Quartet in d-moll op. 12
Air to dance for piano
Solemn Mass op. 16
Prélude funèbre (1896) op. 4
Triptych (1929-31) op. 58
Marche triomphale pour le centenaire de Napoléon Ier op. 46
Fantasies for organ Second Suite (1926) op. 53
Fantasies for organ Third Suite (1927) op. 54
Verset Fugué on `In exitu Israël` for organ or harmonium (1894)
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