William Byrd

WILLIAM BYRD (1543–1623)

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A Fancie BK 46
A Fancie, for my Ladye Nevell BK 25
A Gigg BK 22
A Grounde BK 9
A Grounde BK 43
A Grounde BK 86
A Horne Pipe BK 39
A Lesson of Voluntarie BK 26
A Verse of Two Parts BK 28
A Voluntarie BK 27
A Voluntarie for my Ladye Nevell BK 61
Adoramus te, Christe
Ah silly soul
All in a garden greene BK 56
Alma redemptoris mater a 4
Alman BK 11
An Alman BK117
An Almane BK 89
Attollite portas
Audivi vocem de caelo a 5
Ave verum corpus
Beata viscera Mariae Virginis
Callino Casturame BK 35
Christ Rising Again
Christe qui lux es a 4
Christe qui lux es a 5
Christe redemptor omnium a 4
Clarifica me, pater BK 49
Clarifica me, pater (II) BK 48
Cloria tibi trinitas BK 50
De lamentatione Jeremiae prophetae a 5
Deo gratias
Domine quis habitabit a 9
Domine secundum actum meum
Fair Britain Isle
Fantasia No. 2 a 6
First pavan and galliard (My Ladye Nevells Booke, 1591)
Flute and Drum
Fortune my Foe, Farewell Delight BK 6
Galliard a 6
Go from my window BK 79
Gypseis Round BK 80
Haec dicit Dominus
Haec dies
Have Mercy Upon Me, O God
Have with yow to Walsingame BK 8
How vain the toils
Hugh Ashton`s Grownde BK 20
Hughe Ashton`s ground
If my complaints (Pyper`s Galliard) BK118
In Angel`s Weed
In Nomine No. 2 a 4
In Nomine No.5 a 5
In nomine a4 (I)
In nomine for 4 viols (II)
Infelix ego
Jhon come kisse me now BK 81
Justorum Animae
La Volta BK 91
La Volta L. Morley BK 90
Laudibus in sanctis Dominum
Lord Willobies Welcome Home BK 7
Lullaby `My Sweet Little Baby`
Miserere BK 66
Miserere BK 67
Miserere mei, Deus
Monsieur`s Alman BK 44
Monsieur`s Alman BK 87
My Ladye Nevell`s Grownde BK 57
Ne perdas cum impiis a 5
O God, the proud are risen (Anglican Music)
O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth (Anglican Music)
O Mistris myne, I must BK 38
O quam gloriosum est regnum
O quam suavis
Omni tempore benedic Deum a 5
Parson`s In nomine BK 51
Pavan a 6
Pavan in A minor
Peccavi super numerum a 5
Prelude BK 12
Propers for Lady Mass in Advent (Gradualia, 1605): Rorate caeli/Tollite portas/Ave Maria/Ecce virgo
Fantasia a6 (III)
Qui passe, for my Ladye Nevell BK 19
Recorder and Drum
Rejoice Unto The Lord
Salvator mundi BK 68
Salvator mundi BK 69
Sanctus a 3
Sellinger`s Rownde BK 84
Sermone blando a 4
Sing joyfully unto God (Anglican Music)
Sixth pavan and galliard
Susanna Fair
Sweet and Merry Month
Teach me, O Lord
The Barley Break BK 92
The Bells BK 38
The Carman`s whistle BK 36
The Eighte Pavian
The funeral songs of that honourable Gent., Sir Phillip Sidney, Knight: 2 `O that most rare breast`
The Ghost BK 78
The Great Service (Anglican Music)
The Hunt`s Up BK 40
The Marche before the Battell BK 93
The Mayden`s Songe BK 82
The Queenes Alman
The Second Ground BK 42
The Woods So Wilde
Triumph With Pleasant Melody
Ut, mi, re BK 65
Ut, Re, Mee, Fa, Sol, La, The playnesong BK 58
Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la BK 64
Vide Dominum quoniam tributor a 5
Viri Galilaei
Visita, quaesumus Domine
Will yow walke the woods so wylde BK 85
Wilson`s Wilde BK 37
With Lilies White
Wretched Albinus
The Battell BK 94
Galliard BK 14
Galliard BK 53
Galliard BK 73
Galliard BK 77
Galliard `for the Victorie` BK 95
Galliard `Gygge` BK 18
Galliard `Harding`
Galliard `Mistris Marye Brownlo` BK 34
Courant BK 45
Mass for five voices
Mass for Three Voices
Mass for Four Voices
Motet `Ave Vertum Corpus`
Motet `Ne irascaris Domine`
Pavan BK 17
Pavan BK 76
Pavane `Lachrymae` BK 54
Pavane `Lady Montegle` BK 75
Pavan and galliard BK 4
Pavan and galliard BK 16
Pavan and galliard BK 23
Pavan and galliard BK 29
Pavan and galliard BK 30
Pavan and galliard BK 31
Pavan and galliard BK 33
Pavan and Galliard BK 52
Pavan and galliard BK 60
Pavan and galliard BK 71
Pavan and galliard BK 72
Pavan and galliard BK 70
Pavan and galliard BK100
Pavan and galliard `Bray` BK 59
Pavan and galliard `Eccho` BK114
Pavan and galliard `Johnson`s Delighte` BK 5
Pavan and galliard `Sir William Petre` BK 3
Pavan and galliard `The Earle of Salisbury` BK 15
Pavan and galliard `The Passinge mesures` BK 2
Pavan and galliard `The vi, Kinbrugh Good` BK 32
Pavan and Galliard a5
Pavan and Galliard a6
Content is Rich
My Mistress had a little dog
O Lord, bow down thine heav`nly eyes
O lord, how vain
O Lord, within thy tabernacle, song
Out of the Orient Crystal Skies
Truth at the first
While Phoebus Us`d to Dwell
Prelude BK 1
Prelude BK 24
Prelude `to the Fancie`
Constant Penelope
My mind to me a kingdom is, Sonnets and pastorals
O you that hear this voice, Sonnets and Pastorals
Three French courante
Fantasia BK 13
Fantasia BK 62
Fantasia BK 63
Fantasia a3 (I)
Fantasia a3 (II)
Fantasia a3 (III)
Fantasia a4 (I)
Fantasia a4 (III)
Fantasia a5
Fantasia a6 (I)
Fantasia a6 (II)
Fantasy 3