Alexander Wustin


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Agnus Dei (1993)
Canto (1999), a poem by A. Pushkin
Credo (2004)
Kleines Requiem (1994)
Memoria II (1978)
Spem in alium (2002)
Three Voice Invention In F Minor BWV 795
Veni Sancte Spiritus (1999)
`Bagatelle` for piano (2012)
Picture of Exhibition (2013) [under the solo piano project by Alexei Shmurak Insignificant Music]
`Song of Lukerya`
Theater (2006), poem by D. Shchedrovitsky
Anna Karamazoff, director Rustam Khamdamov (1991)
Anna Karamazoff (1991)
Sine Nomine, for orchestra (2000)
Voice, for tape (1982)
For Mark Pekarsky Birthday (1998)
White Music for organ solo (1990)
Blessed (1988)
WIND, for Voices and Ensemble on Texts by Alexander Blok (2012)
Returning Home (1981)
Heroic Lullaby (1991)
Voice, for Soprano (2001)
Distant Light, 2007
From the Life of the Elves (2011). Dedicated to Vladimir Skanavi
Disappearance (1995)
To Sophia (2001)
Capriccio (chants from the book of Moses Beregovsky) (1977)
Lamento, for piano (1974)
Litany (2011)
Music for 10 (1991)
Music for Angel (1995)
Musical Sacrifice (2007)
Nocturnes (1971-1981)
In Memory of B. K (1977)
In Memory of Grigory Frid, for Viola and Piano (2014)
A Song of Ascents (2016)
Canticum Canticorum (2010)
Song from Chevengur, A. Platonov`s novel (1995)
Zaitsev`s Letter (1990)
Lament, for Solo Bassoon (1989)
Dedication (2013) for cello, percussion and piano
Dedication to Beethoven (1984)
Dedication to Debussy
Dedication to my son (1992)
Praise The Earth (1999)
Holiday (1987)
The offering of Gidon IN MEMORY OF DSCH (2004)
Birth of Piece for String Quartet (1994)
ROSENDAL 2019. Six-piece program at Rosendal Chamber Music Festival 2019, Norway
Silent Light (1999)
A Word for wind and percussion (1975)
Piano sonata (1973)
Sonata for Six, 1973
Tango hommage à Gidon for violin, string orchestra and percussion
Three Songs for Orchestra and Voices
Three Poems by Andrew Platonov (1992)
Three Poems, by Olga Sedakova, for Voices and Orchestra
Three toropets songs for piano (1972)
Trio (1998)
Fantasia for Violin and Orchestra (1996)
Four Scottish children`s songs (1977)