André Jolivet

ANDRé JOLIVET (1905–1974)

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Air de Bravoure for trumpet and piano (1952)
Air pour bercer for violin and piano (1930)
Aubade for violin and piano (1932)
Cabrioles for flute and piano (1953)
Chant d`Oppression for viola and piano (1935)
Chant pour les Piroguiers de l`Orenoque for oboe and piano (1953)
Choral et Fugato for piano four hands (1932)
Cinq Incantations for solo Flute
Fantaisie-Caprice for flute and piano (1953)
Grave et Gigue for violin and piano (1930)
Hopi Snake Dance for two pianos (1948)
Méditation for clarinet and piano (1954)
Nocturne for violoncello and piano (1943)
Ouverture en Rondeau for ondes Martenot, piano and percussion (1938)
Patchinko for two pianos (1958)
Petite Suite for string quintet, piano and percussion (1947)
Sonate for flute and piano (1958)
Trois Poèmes for ondes Martenot and piano (1935)
``Ascèses`` for clarinet solo (1967)
Chant de Linos
`Heptade` for Trumpet and Percussion (1971)
Mana, Six Pieces for Piano (1935)
Baroque aria for trumpet and organ (1968)
Spell for flute solo `l`image devienne symbole` (1937)
Intimate poem for voice and chamber orchestra (1944)
Concerto for Harp and Chamber Orchestra (1952)
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra No. 1 (1962)
Cello Concerto 2
Concerto pour Ondes Martenot
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra 1 (1948)
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra 2 (1954)
Concerto for Bassoon, Harp, Piano and Orchestra (1954)
Concerto for Flute and String Orchestra (1949)
Piano Concerto
Suite en concert pour violoncelle (Concert Suite for Cello) (1965)
Suite liturgique (Liturgical Suite) (1942)
`Five spells` for flute solo (1936)
Five ritual dances for orchestra (1939-41)
Rhapsody, for Seven Performers
Serenada for Oboe
Serenade for Wind Quintet (1945)
Sympfony No.3
Sonata for Violin and Piano
Piano Sonata 1 (1945)
Piano Sonata 2 (1957)
Suite for Flute & Percussion (1966)
Epithalame for choir a capella