Mikhail Glinka

MIKHAIL GLINKA (1804–1857)

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Due canzonette italiane (1828): 1 `Ah rammenta, o bella Irene...`
Two Italian Canzonettas (1828): No. 2 To Zither
Two dances from the ballet Chao-Kang with variations in D major, for piano
3 mazurkas
Vocalise in C Major
Seven Vocalises for contralto (1830): 2 in F Major
Seven Vocalises for contralto (1830): 3 in E Flat Major
Seven Vocalises for contralto (1830): 4 in G Major
Seven Vocalises for contralto (1830): 5 in D Major
Seven Vocalises for contralto (1830): 6 in c-moll
Seven Vocalises for contralto (1830): 7 in F Major
Andalusian dance in G Major
Andante cantabile and Rondo D minor
Kangaroo Court, aria (1832)
Barcarolle G-dur (1847)
A brilliant rondino with the theme by Bellini, for piano (1831)
Brilliant variations on a theme from the opera `Anna Bolen` Donizetti in A major
Grand Sextet for Piano & String Quintet in E-flat major (1832)
Waltz in E flat major
`Waltz Fantasy` (1839, 1856)
Variations on the theme of the two dance from the ballet `Chao-Kuan `, for piano (1831)
Variations on a Russian Song `Among the Gentle Valleys` in A minor
Variations on a theme of Bellini C-dur (1832)
Variations on a theme from the opera of Donizetti`s` Anna Bolena, in A major
Variations on a Theme from Cherubini`s Opera `Faniska` in B flat major
Variations on a theme of Spanish romance `Benedetta sia la madre` in E major
Variations on a Theme of Mozart
Variations on Alyabyev`s Song `The Nightingale`
Variations on a Scottish theme (1847)
Variations in F major
Farewell with St Petersburg
Galop, for piano
Grand waltz in G major
Childrens polka
Divertissement on a theme of Bellini opera `Somnambulist` (1832)
Spanish Overture No. 1 `Brilliant Capriccio on the Theme of Jota Aragonesa` (1845)
Memories of a Summer Night in Madrid ( Spanish Overture No.2) (1851)
Quartet for Two Violins, Viola and Cello in F Major
Lullaby (Female Chorus from the opera Ruslan and Lyudmila, the author`s transcription for piano)
Counter Dance in G-dur for piano
Cotillion. 1829
Mazurka in C Major
Mazurka in C minor
Mazurka in As-dur for piano
Mazurka in G major
Mazurka in F-dur for piano
Melodic Waltz in E flat major
Music for N.Kukolnik`s `Prince Kholmsky` (1842)
Nocturne in E Flat Major
Nocturne Es-dur, for piano or harp (1827)
Nocturne `Parting`
opera `A Life for the Tsar` (1836; originally Ivan Susanin)
Opera `A Life for the Tsar` (`Ivan Susanin`) (arias)
The opera `Ruslan and Lyudmila` (1837-42)
Ruslan and Lyudmila, opera arias
Pathetic Trio in d-moll (1832)
Pathetic Trio in D Minor for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano
Patriotic Song
Initial Polka in B flat major
Song of Margarita
Adel, lyrics by A. Pushkin
If I had known this before, a song
Oh, My Soul!
Oh, You Are Night!
Venetian Night
Pensa que questo instante (1828)
`Il desiderio` (1832)
iangendo ancora rinascer suole (1828)
How Sweet It Is To Be With You (1840)
`Dovunque il guardo giro` (1828)
Mary, a song
Prayer (M. Lermontov), 1847
Do not sing, a nightingale
Night Inspection
Dear Autumn Night
Dafni che di quest` anima (1828)
Song `Winner` (1832)
`u sei figlia` (1828)
o perduto il mio tesoro (1828)
i sento il cor trafiggere
Ty, solovushko, umolkni
ur nel sonno (1828)
You Have Often Told Me About Love
Polonaise in E major
Polka in d-moll, for piano
Farewell Waltz in G Major
The Poor Singer
In the blood burning fire of desire, poem by A. Pushkin
You Will Not Come Back, romance
To Her, Romance
How Nice To Be with You, Romance
I Love You, My Dear Rose, Romance
Romance `My Harp`
Do Not Say That Love Will Pass, Romence
Do Not Say That Hurts The Heart, romance (1856)
Do Not Tempt Me, poem by E. Baratynsky (1825)
Do not Sing, My Beauty (1828)
Night Zephyr, romance
Just One Moment, Romance
Memory of The Heart, romance
Confession (1839)
Tell Me Why, romance (1827/28)
Doubt, poem by N. Kukolnik (1838)
You Wii Forget Me Soon, Romance
Gorgeous Young, romance
I`m here Inesilla (1834)
I Remember a Wonderful Moment (1840)
Ballads, songs
There Is Nice House. Weddind Song (1839)
Septet in E flat major (1823)
Serenade on Themes from Donizetti`s Opera Anna Bolena (1832)
Symphony on two Russian themes (1834, completed and orchestrated Vissarion Shebalin)
Sonata for Viola and Piano (unfinished)
Tarantella in A Minor
The Ceremonial Polonaise
Overture in D major
Overture in G minor
French Quadrille in D major (1828)
French Quadrille in G major (1828)
Fugue in A minor
Fugue in E flat major
Fugue in D major
The Cherubic Hymn
Do Not Tempt Me, poem by E. Baratynsky (1825)
Mazurka (1847)
Mio ben ricordati... (1828)
`Kamarinskaya`, Fantasy on Two Russian Folksongs (1848)
A Prayer, for piano
Musical Sketches, for piano (Smolensk, 1847)
Memory of Friendship (Arrangement for symphony orchestra of Nocturn)
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