Mikhail Glinka (1804–1857)



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Adel, lyrics by A. Pushkin
Andalusian dance in G Major
Andante cantabile and Rondo D minor
Barcarolle G-dur (1847)
A brilliant rondino with the theme by Bellini, for piano (1831)
Brilliant variations on a theme from the opera "Anna Bolen" Donizetti in A major
Grand Sextet for Piano & String Quintet in E-flat major (1832)
Waltz in E flat major
`Waltz Fantasy` (1839, 1856)
Variations on the theme of the two dance from the ballet `Chao-Kuan `, for piano (1831)
Variations on a Russian Song "Among the Gentle Valleys" in A minor
Variations on a theme of Bellini C-dur (1832)
Variations on a Theme from Cherubini"s Opera "Faniska" in B flat major
Variations on a theme from the opera of Donizetti`s` Anna Bolena, in A major
Variations on a theme of Spanish romance "Benedetta sia la madre" in E major
Variations on a Theme of Mozart
Variations on Alyabyev"s Song "The Nightingale"
Variations on a Scottish theme (1847)
Variations in F major
Venetian Night
Vocalise in C Major
Mazurka (1847)
Galop, for piano
Grand waltz in G major
Two dances from the ballet Chao-Kang with variations in D major, for piano
Childrens polka
Divertissement on a theme of Bellini opera "Somnambulist" (1832)
Spanish Overture No. 1 "Brilliant Capriccio on the Theme of Jota Aragonesa" (1845)
Memories of a Summer Night in Madrid ( Spanish Overture No.2) (1851)
`Kamarinskaya`, Fantasy on Two Russian Folksongs (1848)
Quartet for Two Violins, Viola and Cello in F Major
Lullaby (Female Chorus from the opera Ruslan and Lyudmila, the author`s transcription for piano)
Counter Dance in G-dur for piano
Cotillion. 1829
Mazurka in C Major
Mazurka in C minor
Mazurka in As-dur for piano
Mazurka in G major
Mazurka in F-dur for piano
Melodic Waltz in E flat major
Prayer (M. Lermontov), 1847
A Prayer, for piano
Music for N.Kukolnik"s "Prince Kholmsky" (1842)
Musical Sketches, for piano (Smolensk, 1847)
Nocturne "Parting"
Nocturne Es-dur, for piano or harp (1827)
Nocturne in E Flat Major
opera `A Life for the Tsar` (1836; originally Ivan Susanin)
The opera `Ruslan and Lyudmila` (1837-42)
Memory of Friendship (Arrangement for symphony orchestra of Nocturn)
Pathetic Trio in d-moll (1832)
Patriotic Song
Initial Polka in B flat major
Polonaise in E major
Polka in d-moll, for piano
Farewell Waltz in G Major
Ballads, songs and arias
Septet in E flat major (1823)
Serenade on Themes from Donizetti`s Opera Anna Bolena (1832)
Symphony on two Russian themes (1834, completed and orchestrated Vissarion Shebalin)
Sonata for Viola and Piano (unfinished)
Tarantella in A Minor
The Ceremonial Polonaise
3 mazurkas
Ty, solovushko, umolkni
Overture in D major
Overture in G minor
French Quadrille in D major (1828)
French Quadrille in G major (1828)
Fugue in A minor
Fugue in E flat major
Fugue in D major
The Cherubic Hymn
Proshchanie s Peterburgom

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