Philippe Jaroussky

Anonymous, - Early music: Di Paradiso e dell` Inferno, chaconne
Bach, Johann Christian - Arias
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Ich habe genug` (1727) BWV 82
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Vergnügte Ruh, beliebte Seelenlust` BWV 170
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Magnificat in D-dur (1732/1735) BWV 243
Bassani, Giovanni Battista - Arias
Bassani, Giovanni Battista - La morte delusa, oratorio (1686)
Bassani, Giovanni Battista - Sonata prima (1683)
Bononcini, Giovanni Battista - Arias
Caldara, Antonio - The Opera Arias
Caplet, Andre - `Viens! ... Une flûte invisible` (August 1900)
Chaminade, Cécile - Mignonne, W302 1894 W302
Chaminade, Cécile - Sombrero, W301 (Henri Tellier) 1894 W301
Chausson, Ernest - Song Sept Mélodies for voice and piano op. 2
Chausson, Ernest - Song `Le temps des lilas` for voice and piano
Chausson, Ernest - Three songs, to words by Camille Mauclair (1896) op. 27
Concerts, - Concerts of Cecilia Bartoli
Concerts, - Concerts of Emmanuelle Haim and orchestra `Le Concert d`Astree`
Concerts, - Concerts of Philippe Jaroussky
d-Indy, Vincent - Lied maritime, for Voice and Piano Op. 43 (1896)
Debussy, Claude - Romances for voice and piano L 79
Dukas, Paul - Amours, Ronsard Sonnet for Voice and Piano (1924)
Dupont, Gabriel - Les donneurs de serenades (1901)
Faure, Gabriel - Messe de Requiem op. 48
Faure, Gabriel - Three Songs for Voice and Piano op. 18
Ferrari, Benedetto - Avverti o cor
Ferrari, Benedetto - Cantata spirituale `Queste pungenti spine`
Ferrari, Benedetto - Ciaconna `Amanti, io vi so dire`
Ferrari, Benedetto - Cielo sia con tua pace
Ferrari, Benedetto - Degg`io amarvi
Ferrari, Benedetto - O momumenti
Ferrari, Benedetto - Quando prendon riposo
Ferrari, Benedetto - `Chi non sa come amor`
Ferrari, Benedetto - `Io dissi al cor`
Ferrari, Benedetto - `Lingua di donna`
Ferrari, Benedetto - `M`amo tanto costei`
Ferrari, Benedetto - `Non fia piu ver`
Ferrari, Benedetto - `Occhi miei che vedeste`
Ferrari, Benedetto - `Udite, Amanti`
Films-about-composers, - J.-B. Lully
Films-about-musicians, - Philippe Jaroussky, countertenor
Franck, Cesar - Nocturne for Voice and Piano (1884) FWV 85
Giacomelli, Geminiano - Sposa, non mi conosci [Epitide] from Act III of Merope
Gluck, Christoph Willibald - Arias
Hahn, Reynaldo - 20 Mélodies (1st book): 8 `Offrande` (1891)
Hahn, Reynaldo - 20 Mélodies (1st book): 11 `Fetes galantes` (1892)
Hahn, Reynaldo - 20 Mélodies for Voice and Piano (2nd book): No.14 `A Chloris` (1913)
Hahn, Reynaldo - L`heure exquise
Hahn, Reynaldo - Twelve Rondels for Voice and Piano (1897-98): 8 Quand je fus pris au pavillon
Handel, George Frideric - Cantata `Aminta e Fillide` HWV 83
Handel, George Frideric - Cantata `Mi palpita il cor` HWV 132
Handel, George Frideric - Opera `Agrippina` (1709) HWV 6
Handel, George Frideric - Opera `Alcina` (arias)
Handel, George Frideric - Opera `Arianna in Creta` (arias)
Handel, George Frideric - Opera `Ariodante` (arias)
Handel, George Frideric - Opera `Flavio` (arias)
Handel, George Frideric - Opera `Giulio Cesare` (1724) HWV 17
Handel, George Frideric - Opera `Imeneo` (arias) HWV 41
Handel, George Frideric - Opera `Partenope` (1730) HWV 27
Handel, George Frideric - Opera `Riccardo Primo` (arias) HWV 23
Handel, George Frideric - Opera `Rinaldo` (arias)
Handel, George Frideric - Opera `Tolomeo` (arias) HWV 25
Handel, George Frideric - Psalm `Dixit Dominus` for soloists, choir and orchestra g-moll HWV 232
Hasse, Johann Adolf - Arias
Kosma, Joseph - Le feuilles mortes/Autumn Leaves
Lambert, Michel - Courtly aria Vos mepris, chaque jour for vocals, 2 Violins and Basso Continuo
Lekeu, Guillaume - Trois Poèmes for soprano (or baritone) & piano (texts by the composer)
Marcello, Benedetto - Arias
Massenet, Jules - Elegy (J. Massenet - L. Halle)
Massenet, Jules - Song `Nuit d`Espagne`
Monteverdi, Claudio - Nineth Book of Madrigals and canzones for two & three Voices (1651)
Monteverdi, Claudio - Si dolce è `l tormento for voice & continuo SV 332 SV332
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Aria `Ombra felice` for alto and orchestra (1776) KV255
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista - Cantata `Stabat Mater` for soprano, alto, choir, strings and organ
Porpora, Nicolo - Arias
Purcell, Henry - Oedipus Z 583
Saint-Saens, Camille - Song `Violons dans le soir` for Voice, Violin and Piano (1907)
Saint-Saens, Camille - `Mélodies persanes` for voice and piano (1870) op. 26
Sances, Giovanni Felice - Presso l`onde tranquillo, cantata, 1633
Sances, Giovanni Felice - Stabat Mater for soprano, cornet, strings and b. c.
Scarlatti, Alessandro - Arias
Scarlatti, Alessandro - Oratorio `Sedecia king of Jerusalem`
Steffani, Agostino - Arias
Steffani, Agostino - Opera `Niobe, Regina di Tebe` (1688)
Telemann, Georg Philipp - Cantata `Jesus liegt in letzten Zuegen`, TWV 1:983 TWV 1: 983
Telemann, Georg Philipp - `Der am Oelberg zagende Jesus` TWV 1: 364
Vinci, Leonardo - Artaxerxes, opera
Vivaldi, Antonio - Arias
Vivaldi, Antonio - Cantata `Alla caccia dell`alme` RV670
Vivaldi, Antonio - Cantata `Vengo a voi, luci adorate` RV677
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerto for strings and basso continuo in C minor RV120
Vivaldi, Antonio - Griselda, opera (1735) RV718
Vivaldi, Antonio - Hercules on Termodonte, opera (1723) RV710
Vivaldi, Antonio - Introduction `Filiae mestae` RV638
Vivaldi, Antonio - La Fida Ninfa, opera (1732) RV714
Vivaldi, Antonio - Motet `Clarae stellae` RV625
Vivaldi, Antonio - Motet `Longe mala umbrae terrors` RV629
Vivaldi, Antonio - Nisi Dominus (Psalm 126) RV608
Vivaldi, Antonio - Opera `Orlando furioso` (1727) RV728
Vivaldi, Antonio - Parts of Works
Vivaldi, Antonio - Pianti, sospiri, cantata RV676
Vivaldi, Antonio - Salve regina RV618
Vivaldi, Antonio - Stabat Mater for contralto, string and b.c. in f-moll (1712) RV621
Vivaldi, Antonio - Truth in the Trial, opera (1720) RV739
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