Saint Petersburg Youth Department of the Russian Union of Composers (MolOt) Ensemble

Bouzine, Mikhail - `I`, en nekrolog (2019)
Bouzine, Mikhail - `The star` (``), relationship studies, part III (2018)
Bouzine, Mikhail - `` for Ensemble (2015)
Gudachev, Oleg - Metamorphoses 50%
Gudachev, Oleg - Octet
Khrushcheva, Nastasya - As If in a Fairy Tale (from the music to the play `Nevsky Prospekt`)
Khrushcheva, Nastasya - Conquest of the pole. Commentary on Melies (2018)
Khrushcheva, Nastasya - COUB II (2016)
Makovsky, Stanislav - Dixit Dominus (2017)
Nobles, Jordan - Simulacrum (2010)
Purcell, Henry - Semi-opera `King Arthur` (arias)
Sudzilovsky, Yaroslav - Bluebeard (2018) for the silent film by Georges Melies and the ensemble
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Parts of Compositions
Tulve, Helena - Stream 2 (2006/09)
Tzypyshev, Roman - Reflection, a Small Tragy-Tragedy for the Ensemble
Tzypyshev, Roman - `Cinderella` for silent film by Georges Melies and the ensemble
Zobnin, Artur - Composition for soprano, baritone and quintet
Zobnin, Artur - Conquest of the Pole. Episode 1 (2018) for the silent film Georges Melies and the ensemble
Zobnin, Artur - Kitezh (2019) for ensemble, electronics and video
Zobnin, Artur - Mountains and Plains for Two Violas
Zobnin, Artur - Pour Polina et Matvey, for Cello and Piano (2015)
Zobnin, Artur - The Pigeons, for ensemble
Zobnin, Artur - Transformation (2017-2018) for choir and large ensemble
Zobnin, Artur - [Canto] (2016)
Zobnin, Artur - [no]thing or no[]thing (2015, . 2017)
Zobnin, Artur - `In the Afternoon, it`s as Dark as at Night` for electro-cello, bass clarinet and MIDI keyboard