Saint Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra

Bodrov, Kuzma - Caprice, for violin and orchestra
Chekalin, Mikhail - Black Square, Concerto grosso in four movements
Chopin, Frederic - Concerto for piano and orchestra No.1 in e-moll (1830) Op. 11
Evlakhov, Orest - Concert Suite
Evlakhov, Orest - Night Patrol
Evlakhov, Orest - Symphony 1
Firtich, Georgy - Concert-Symphony for voice and orchestra (2005)
Firtich, Georgy - On It, A Llyrical Symphony for Orchestra, Violin Solo and Male Voices (2010)
Firtich, Georgy - Parallels, Symphony for Large Orchestra (2013)
Firtich, Georgy - Piano Concerto
Firtich, Georgy - Pskov. Symphony (2001)
Firtich, Georgy - Vladimir Mayakovsky, Symphonic Oratorio for Two Baritones, Sopranos and Orchestra (2009)
Firtich, Georgy - `Solar wind`, symphony (2002)
Hickey, Sean - Cello Concerto
Hickey, Sean - Clarinet Concerto
Kruglik, Viacheslav - Concerto for Trombone and String Orchestra (2013)
Kruglik, Viacheslav - Princess Olga, overture for orchestra
Kruglik, Viacheslav - Time to Live and Time to Die (after reading E. M. Remarque), suite for symphony orchestra
Lubchenko, Anton - Song of Stenka Razin, (2014) OP. 90
Mosolov, Alexander - Concerto for cello and orchestra 2 (1937-1945)
Mosolov, Alexander - Donbass! Donbass!, a vocal and symphonic poem (1942)
Myaskovsky, Nikolay - Symphony No.24 in f-moll op. 63
Myaskovsky, Nikolay - Symphony No.25 in Des-dur op. 69
Nagovitsyn, Vyacheslav - Voices. The Symphony Motet. Sounds and Voices. Dispute of Deaf and Apotheosis of War. Monologues and Dialogues. Meditation in Anticipation of Harmony. Back to the Future. Op. 41
Nesterova, Svetlana - Violin Concerto
Petrov, Andrey - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1990)
Petrov, Andrey - Suite 3 from the ballet `Creation of the World` (1975)
Petrov, Evgeny - `Tales of the Northern Land` for narrator and orchestra, 2006
Polovinkin, Leonid - Heroic Overture
Polovinkin, Leonid - Solar Flame, Music from the film
Polovinkin, Leonid - Symphony 7
Popov, Gavriil - Septet (Chamber Symphony) op. 2
Popov, Alexander - Symphony-Concerto for Flute and Orchestra
Prior, Alexander - Symphony no.4, Gogol for Mezzo-soprano, Baritone, Boy-choir, Mixed SATB-choir and large orchestra (2010)
Prokofiev, Sergey - Symphony No.1 in D major `Classical` (1916-17) op. 25
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Piano Concerto No. 2 in c-moll (1900-01) Op.18
Saint-Saens, Camille - Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso for violin and orchestra op. 28
Schillinger, Joseph - Symphonic Rhapsody `October` (on the theme of revolutionary songs) (1927) op. 19
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - Symphony No. 8 in c-moll op. 65
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Serenade for string orchestra C-dur (1880) Op. 48
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Symphony No.5 e-moll (1888) Op. 64
Weinberg, Mieczysław - Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (1945-48) op. 43
Weinberg, Mieczysław - Symphony No.12 Shostakovich in memoriam (1976) op.114
Weinberg, Mieczysław - The Golden Key, ballet after Alexei Tolstoy, op. 55 (1955-64) op. 55