Yurlov Russian State Academic Chapel

Anonymous, - Liturgical music Orthodox: Kheruvimskaya Pesn
Anonymous, - Orthodox spiritual music: Easter Stanzas (`Let God arise ...`)
Anonymous, - Orthodox spiritual music: `Glory to God` Stanza of the 6th voice
Anonymous, - Orthodox spiritual music: `King of Heaven `
Anonymous, - Orthodox spiritual music: `This is the day`
Anonymous, - Peter`s solemn chants. Ten rooms. (Music of the time of Peter I)
Anonymous, - Russian anonymous music of the time of Peter I
Anonymous, - Sea Storm, for male chorus
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cantata `Wer sich selbst erhöhet, der soll erniedriget werden`, BWV 47
Berezovsky, Maksym - Concert `Do not forsake me`
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Cherubic Hymn 7 for chorus
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Concerto 24 `Lifted up my eyes`
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Le fils rival, ou La moderne Stratonice, opera (1787)
Diletsky, Nikolay - Grand Chanting for 4 voices
Dunaevsky, Maxim - Bang-Bang (Cartoon)
Fliarkovsky, Alexander - `And the world looked at us`, oratorio on verses from military folklore (1976)
Kancheli, Giya - `Styx` for mixed choir, viola and orchestra (1999)
Krestianin, Fedor - Stanza first evangelical voice
Mannino, Franco - Triumph of Love, Cantata on the Words of the Soviet Women-Poets for Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra
Myaskovsky, Nikolay - Symphony No. 6 in es-moll, op. 23
Nikolaev, Aleksey - A song about the death of Cossack
Pashkevich, Vasily Alexeyevich - Initial Management of Oleg. Music for the play (1790)
Pashkevich, Vasily Alexeyevich - St. Petersburg courtyard seating, opera
Prokofiev, Sergey - `Ivan the Terrible`, motion picture soundtreck (1942-45), op.116
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Cantata `Spring` for baritone solo, chorus and orchestra, op.20
Rachmaninov, Sergei - `The Bells`, choral symphony (1913), op.35
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - From Homer, prelude-cantata for soprano, mezzo-soprano, and alto soloists and women`s voices with orchestra (1901), op. 60
Romanov, Fedor Alexeevich - It is Truly
Rubin, Vladimir - Alenushka`s Tales, oratorio
Rubin, Vladimir - For Whom We Sing a Song, the chorus on folk words
Shebalin, Vissarion - `Lenin` - a dramatic symphony on the poem by V.Mayakovsky (1931)., op.16
Sviridov, Georgiy - 2 choirs on S.A.Yesenin words (1967)
Taneyev, Sergey - 12 choirs a cappella on the poems of Polonsky (1909), op. 27
Taneyev, Sergey - 2 Duets for Soprano, Contralto & Piano (1891): No. 2 `Mountain Peaks`, ST.108/2
Taneyev, Sergey - Cantate After reading the Psalms for 4 soloists, double mixed choir and orchestra (191215), op. 36
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Opera `Eugene Onegin` (1877-78), Op. 24
Titov, Vasiliy - Cheerful, Righteousness
Titov, Vasiliy - Concert in honor of the victory at Poltava for a 12-voice choir
Vedel, Artemiy - Choral concert, `How long Lord, will you forget me`
Verdi, Giuseppe - Four Religious Pieces
Viskov, Anton - Chants of Memory M.Mussorgsky for Soloists, Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra
Volkov, Kirill - Crying Habakkuk (Lamentable word about three confessors) for mixed choir a cappella (1989)
Wustin, Alexander - Three Poems, by Olga Sedakova, for Voices and Orchestra