Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart

Aperghis, Georges - Petrrohl, for six voices (2001)
Aperghis, Georges - Wölfli-Kantata, oratorio en cinq mouvements, pour chœur mixte et ensemble vocal de six solistes (2005)
Bauckholt, Carola - nein allein, for five voices (1999/2000)
Berio, Luciano - A-Ronne, documentary radio play for five actors (the text Edoardo Sangvinetti) (1974-75)
Berio, Luciano - Canticum Novissimi Testamenti, Ballata for four clarinets, saxophone quartet and vocal octet (1989)
Berio, Luciano - Sequence 3 for soprano (1996)
Bianchi, Oscar - Ante Litteram, for six voices and bass clarinet, 2011-13
Billone, Pierluigi - A. AN, for voices and ensemble (1989)
Billone, Pierluigi - APSU (1990), for voices and ensemble
Billone, Pierluigi - KRAAN KE.AN, for three voices and ten instruments (1991)
Cerha, Friedrich - Two Scenes for the seven voices (2010-11)
Desprez, Josquin - Motet `Absalon, fili mi`
Desprez, Josquin - Motet `La déploration sur la mort de Johannes Ockeghem`
Desprez, Josquin - Motet `Miserere mei, Deus`
Desprez, Josquin - Motet `O virgo virginum`
Dusapin, Pascal - Semino, for six voices (1984-85)
Fedele, Ivan - Animus Anima, for seven voices (2000)
Ferneyhough, Brian - Missa Brevis, for chorus (1968, rev. 1969)
Fervers, Andreas - Zwei worte, for 12 solo voices (1991)
Francesconi, Luca - Herzstuck, for voice ensemble (2012)
Furrer, Beat - FAMA, Opera for narrator, eight voices and instrumental ensemble (2005)
Gadenstaetter, Clemens - WEN, madrigal for six vioces (2007)
Haas, Georg Friedrich - ....... for viola and six voices. 2006
Haas, Georg Friedrich - 13 Bilder aus der Oper `Die schöne Wunde` (2002-03, rev. 2014)
Haas, Georg Friedrich - Three August Shtramm Love Poems for Six Voices (2005)
Holliger, Heinz - nicht Ichts nicht Nichts, for four voices a cappella (2012)
Jarrell, Michael - le pense et l`etre sont une meme chose..., for six voices (2002)
Jarrell, Michael - Le Père, musical theatre after Heiner Muller (2009-10)
Lang, Bernhard - Hermetica V `Fremde Sprachen`, for bass-clarinet and seven voices (2011)
Makovsky, Stanislav - Scream (2014)
Mantovani, Bruno - Cantata No. 1 for six voices and ensemble (2006)
Mitterer, Wolfgang - Mit einem lachenden Auge, for seven vocalists, ten strings and four trombones (2007)
Neuwirth, Olga - Nova / Minfraud, for soprano (the text of William Burroughs) 1998
Newski, Sergej - Was fliehen Hase und Igel, for six voices. 2004
Nono, Luigi - Djamila Boupacha for soprano solo (1962)
Nono, Luigi - Ha venido - canciones para Silvia
Nono, Luigi - Quando stanno morendo. Diario polacco n. 2
Nono, Luigi - ``¿Donde Estas Hermano?`` for four female voices (1982)
Nono, Luigi - ``Sara dolce tacere`` for eight voices a cappella (1960)
Poppe, Enno - Abend, for four male voices and four trombones (2007)
Sanchez-Verdu, Jose Maria - SCRIPTVRA ANTIQVA (Madrigalbuch I), 2010-12
Saunders, Rebecca - Soliloquy, for six voices a cappella (2007)
Scelsi, Giacinto - Tre canti sacri, for mixed choir (1958)
Schnebel, Dieter - dt 31,6, for mixed choir (1956-58)
Schollhorn, Johannes - C, Four Miniatures for Four Voices and Bass Clarinet (2012)
Schollhorn, Johannes - Madrigali a Dio, for six voices (2011)
Sciarrino, Salvatore - 3 Canti senza pietre, for six voices (1999)
Sciarrino, Salvatore - Cantare con silenzio, for flute, vocal ensemble, percussion and electronics (1999)
Sciarrino, Salvatore - Carnaval, for five voices, piano and ensemble (2010-11)
Sciarrino, Salvatore - L`Alibi della parola, for four voices (1994)
Sciarrino, Salvatore - Twelve Madrigals for vocal ensemble (2007)
Smolka, Martin - Missa for vocal and string quartets (2002)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Menschen, hört (`Mankind, Hear`), for vocal sextet from Michaelion, scene 4 from Mittwoch aus Licht (1997)
Xenakis, Iannis - A Helene for choir (1977)
Xenakis, Iannis - Nuits for SATB chorus of 12 voices (1967-68)