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The Starlight Express is a children`s play by Violet Pearn, based on the imaginative novel A Prisoner in Fairyland by Algernon Blackwood, with songs and incidental music written by the English composer Sir Edward Elgar in 1915

Act I
1. To the Children. `O children, open your arms to me` (Organ Grinder - Baritone)
Act II
2. The Blue-Eyes Fairy. `There`s a fairy that hides` (Organ Grinder - Baritone)
3. Sc.1: Curfew Song. `The sun has gone` (Organ Grinder - Baritone)
4. Sc.1: The Laugher`s Song. `I`m ev`rywhere` (Laugher - Soprano)
5. Sc.1: Come Little Winds. `Wake up you little night winds` (Organ Grinder - Baritone)
6. Sc.3: Tears and Laughter. `Oh! stars shine brightly!` (Laugher - Soprano)
7. Sc.3: Sunrise Song (or Dawn Song). `We shall meet the morning spiders` (Jane Anne - Soprano)
8. My Old Tunes. `My old tunes are rather broken` (Organ Grinder - Baritone)
9. Sc.1: `Dandelions, daffodils` (Jane Anne - Soprano)
a. Blue-Eyes Fairy
b. Dance of the Pleides
10. Sc.2: `Laugh a little ev`ry day` (Laugher - Soprano)
11. The Dawn. `They`re all soft-shiny now` (Organ Grinder - Baritone)
12. `Oh, think Beauty` (Jane Anne - Soprano)
13. Finale (duet): Hearts must be soft-shiny dressed.
`Dustman, Laugher, Tramp and busy Sweep` (Jane Anne - soprano, Cousin Henry - baritone)
Composition Year 1915
Genre Categories Incidental music; Theatrical Works; For 2 voices, orchestra; [9 more...]

Suite. Brangwyn Hall, Swansea, December 1990
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