Sveshnikov State Russian Choir

Alexandrov, Alexandr - "Bless my soul, Lord"
Alexandrov, Alexandr - "Our Father" for soprano and choir
Alfeyev, Ilarion - Stabat Mater for Soprano, Choir and Orchestra
Alfeyev, Ilarion - We Praise Thee
Anonymous, - Sicilian song: `Farewell` (Farewell Song of the Island Sicily)
Arhangelsky, Alexander - Blessed is Who Understands
Barber, Samuel - Adagio for Strings, op.11a
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Fantasia for Piano, Chorus and Orchestra in c-moll, op. 80
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Symphony No. 9 in d-moll for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra `Ode an die Freude` (1822-24), op.125
Boiko, Rostislav - Seven Choruses on poems by S. Esenin
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Concerto 32 `Tell them, Oh Lord, the end of mine`
Bujewski, Taras - Crying
Bujewski, Taras - I look at You, Lord
Bujewski, Taras - Pater Noster
Bujewski, Taras - Two Russian Songs
Butsko, Yuri - The Tale of the Pugachev Rebellion for the reader, soloists, choirs, orchestra and organ (1969)
Chesnokov, Pavel - The eternal council, op.402
Chesnokov, Pavel - `The Angel Cried Out` for soprano and choir, op.2218
Cui, Cézar - The 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, Cantata (1913), op. 89
Cui, Cézar - `Your poem`, cantata memory of Mikhail Lermontov for solists, choir and orchestra (1914), op. 96
Donizetti, Gaetano - Opera `Lucrezia Borgia` (1833)
Dvorak, Antonin - Stabat Mater, cantata for soli, choir and orchestra (1877), op. 58
Dychko, Lesya - Holy God, for viola solo and mixed choir
Eshpai, Andrey - `Memories` (`Quiet River`) for mixed choir, unaccompanied
Falik, Yuriy - "Prayer for Russia", the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Gavrilin, Valeriy - `Chimes`, choral symphony-action for soloists, chorus, oboe, percussion and narrator
Glazunov, Alexander - Coronation Cantata, op. 56
Holminov, Alexander - For the sake of life on Earth, the cantata (1975)
Ippolitov-Ivanov, Michail - Pythagoreans Hymn to the Rising Sun, for choir, 10 flutes, two harps and organ (1901), op. 39
Kozhevnikova, Ekaterina - Prayer of the Latest Optina Elders at the Beginning of the Day
Ledenyov, Roman - Klyuev`sTriptych. 2003
Lvov, Aleksei - Vecheri Tvoi tainyya
Manukian, Irina - Pathetic cantata on poems by E. Charents for soloist, mixed choir and grand symphony. orchestra (in 6 parts) 1981, op.18
Moniuszko, Stanislaw - Madonna, Cantata for bass, chorus and orchestra, poetry by F. Petrarka
Mosolov, Alexander - Donbass! Donbass!, a vocal and symphonic poem (1942)
Mosolov, Alexander - Turkmen lullaby for chorus op.33b, op.33b
Mussorgsky, Modest - `Joshua`, oratoria (1874-77), MM 63
Mussorgsky, Modest - `Oedipus Rex`, the scene in the church (1858-61), MM 5
Mussorgsky, Modest - `The Destruction of Sennacherib`, for chorus & orchestra (1866-67/1874), MM 38
Nemtin, Alexander - Pre-action, part 1
Nemtin, Alexander - Pre-action, part 2
Nemtin, Alexander - Pre-action, part 3
Ovchinnikov, Viacheslav - Rachmaninoff Memory, elegy
Penderecki, Krzysztof - Song of Cherubim, Orthodox liturgy hymn (1986)
Prokofiev, Sergey - Cantata for the twentieth anniversary of October, for symphonic orchestra, military band, accordion orchestra , percussion orchestra and two choirs (1936-1937), op. 74
Prokofiev, Sergey - Tketches to the Soviet Union anthem on the words by S. Mikhalkov and El-Registan and the Hymn of the RSFSR on the words SP Shchipachev, op. 98
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Opera `Francesca da Rimini` (1904-05), op.25
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Three Russian songs for orchestra and choir. Dedicated to L. Stokowski. 1926., op.41
Romanov, Fedor Alexeevich - It is Truly
Schnittke, Alfred - `wherever you go or travel` for chorus a cappella (1957), op. 20
Scriabin, Alexander - Symphony 1, Op. 26
Shchedrin, Rodion - The epigraph to Count Tolstoy`s novel Anna Karenina , for mixed choir (2008)
Shchedrin, Rodion - Tsarskaya Kravchaya for mixed choir (based on the Russian choral opera `Boyarinya Morozova). 2008
Shchedrin, Rodion - `Russian villages` for chorus a cappella (words by I. Kharabarov, 1973), op. 51
Shebalin, Vissarion - 5 a Cappella Choruses (1949), op.42
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - Symphony No. 2 in H-dur `To October` (1927), op. 14
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - Treatment of Russian folk song `Kak menja mladu mladeshenku` for unaccompanied chorus
Shostakovich, Dmitriy - `Counterplan` (1932), op. 33
Solovyov-Sedoy, Vasiliy - Song "Moscow Nights" ("Podmoskovnye vechera") (Matusovsky)
Stravinsky, Igor - Opera `Nightingale` (1908-14), K018
Stravinsky, Igor - `Oedipus Rex`, opera-oratorio in two acts by Sophocles (1926-27), K047
Sviridov, Georgy - Poem in Memory of Sergei Yesenin for tenor, mixed choir and symphony orchestra in 10 movements, words by S. Yesenin (1955-1956)
Sviridov, Georgy - Project of USSR Anthem (Fly up, Lenin`s banner! - song for choir and symphony orchestra), lyrics by A. Tvardovsky (1961/1962)
Sviridov, Georgy - Oratorio Pathetique for bass, mezzo-soprano, mixed chorus and full symphony orchestra, lyrics by V. Mayakovsky (1959)
Sviridov, Georgy - Snow is Falling - small cantata for female choir, boys` choir and orchestra, poems by B. Pasternak (1965)
Taneev, Alexander - Wise Robber
Taneyev, Sergey - 12 choirs a cappella on the poems of Polonsky (1909), op. 27
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Opera `Mandragora` (Chorus of Flowers and Insects) (1869-70), TH 207
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - Opera `Queen of Spades` (1890), Op. 68
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr - `The Snow Maiden`, the music for the spring tale Ostrovsky (1873), Op. 12
Thomas, Charles Louis Ambroise - Opera `Hamlet`
Verdi, Giuseppe - Requiem (1874)
Volkov, Kirill - Prayer of St Joasaph Belgorod (2007)

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