Moscow Conservatory Chamber Choir

Arzoumanov, Valery - Sermon on the Mount (Sermon de la Montagne) for violin and mixt choir, op.114
Balakirev, Mily - Thy mouth, Troparion St. John Chrysostom tune of Valaam Monastery
Bantock, Granville - Evening was lost her throne
Bartok, Bela - Three Rural Scene for female choir and chamber ensemble, BB 87b
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Fantasia for Piano, Chorus and Orchestra in c-moll, op. 80
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Concerto 15 `Come, Let us sing, ye people`
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Concerto 24 `Lifted up my eyes`
Bortniansky, Dmitriy - Concerto 30 `Hear, O God, my voice`
Elgar, Edward - Good morrow. 1929
Elgar, Edward - Serenade. 1914
Elgar, Edward - The Prince of Sleep. 1923
Elgar, Edward - There is Sweet Music, for unaccompanied choir, lyrics by A.Tennison (1907)
Elgar, Edward - They are at Rest, Elegy for chorus to the verses of Cardinal Newman (1909)
Eshpai, Andrey - Three choruses on poems by Arthur Rimbaud (2003)
Eshpai, Andrey - `Memories` (`Quiet River`) for mixed choir, unaccompanied
Fleishman, Veniamin - Rotshild Violin, Opera
Glinka, Mikhail - The Cherubic Hymn
Golovanov, Nikolai - Doors of Mercy
Golovanov, Nikolai - When thou didst snizshel death
Grieg, Edvard - Romances and Songs (a word X. K.Andersen 1864), op.18
Grieg, Edvard - Song `Ave, maris stella` (1893), EG 150
Gubaidulina, Sofia - Jetzt immer Schnee
Kalinnikov, Viktor - The Cherubic Hymn No.1
Ledenyov, Roman - Choral diptych `Happiness`
Ledenyov, Roman - Paris Note, Choral Cycle to words of Russian poets-emigrants
Lyadov, Anatoliy - Ten transcriptions of the everyday life, op. 61
Messiaen, Olivier - Cinq Rechants pour 12 parties vocales reelles (1948)
Messiaen, Olivier - `O Sacrum Convivium`, motet for Holy Communion (1937)
Nystedt, Knut - I Will Greatly Rejoice
Nystedt, Knut - Sing and Rejoice
Podgaits, Efrem - `Prayer to the Moon `, the text of an African folk poetry
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Italian Polka
Rachmaninov, Sergei - `Panteley the healer` for mixed choir a capella e-moll
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay - Vzyde Bog, the verse on Ascension
Sakhnovskiy, Yuriy - The Cherubic Hymn
Salmanov, Vadim - 'Swan' Concerto for Choir (1966)
Samonov, Anatoly - A Flower, for female choir, poem by A, Pushkin
Samonov, Anatoly - Cloud, for female choir, poem by A. Pushkin
Samonov, Anatoly - Poem of the Unknown Soldier
Samonov, Anatoly - Sorry, Faithful Oaks, for female choir, poem by A. Pushkin
Shahidi, Tolib Shahidi - Two poems for chorus, mezzo-soprano and bass for words Byron and Rumi (2013)
Shahidi, Tolib Shahidi - `Metaphors for the Kreutzer Sonata` for choir and piano (2019)
Shchedrin, Rodion - Boyarynya Morozova, Russian choir opera, two parts
Shchedrin, Rodion - `Mass of remembrance`, for chorus a capella in memory of Maya Plisetskaya (2018)
Taneyev, Sergey - Choral works
Tavener, John - As One Who Has Slept (1996)
Tavener, John - I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills
Tavener, John - Ikon of the Nativity (1991)
Tavener, John - Love bade me welcome (1985)
Tavener, John - Song for Athene (1993)
Tavener, John - Svyati, for Cello and Choir (1995)
Tavener, John - The Lamb (1982)
Tavener, John - Three Antiphons (1995)
Tavener, John - Today the Virgin (1989)
Tavener, John - Two Hymns to the Mother of God (1985)
Volkov, Kirill - The four sonnets of William Shakespeare for mixed choir (2006-2009)
Vorontsov, Yuriy - `Revelation`, Concerto for Choir (ed. 2005)