Ensemble Recherche

Andre, Mark - AB II fuer Kontrabassklarinette, Violincello, Cymbalon, Schlagzeug, Klavier und Live-Elektronic
Billone, Pierluigi - ME.A.AN (1994) for Voice and Ensemble
Dufourt, Hugues - L`Afrique d`apres Tiepolo, for piano and ensemble (2005)
Ferneyhough, Brian - Flurries, for piccolo, clarinet, French horn, violin, cello, piano (199798)
Ferneyhough, Brian - In Nomine a 3 (2001) for flute- piccolo, oboe, clarinet
Ferneyhough, Brian - Incipits (1996).
Grisey, Gérard - Vortex Temporum (1994-96) for chamber ensemble
Huber, Klaus - In nomine - ricercare il nome..., for ensemble (1999)
Makovsky, Stanislav - Scream (2014)
Mundry, Isabel - Dufay-Bearbeitungen (2003-2004) for chamber ensemble
Parra, Hector - Impromptu for piano
Parra, Hector - L`Aube assaillie
Parra, Hector - Piano trio No. 1 for violin, violincello and piano `Wortschatten`
Pauset, Brice - Anton Webern: Variations op. 27, an arrangement for bayan, piano and ensemble (1999)
Pauset, Brice - Concerto I `Birwa`, for Harpsichord and ensemble (2002)
Pauset, Brice - Henry Purcell: In nomine broken consort book, for eight instruments (1999-2001)
Pauset, Brice - Les Voix humaines, for Clarinet, Piano and String Trio (2006)
Pauset, Brice - Subito Sempre (Langsamer Satz) for sextet (2014)
Pesson, Gerard - Nebenstück, for clarinet and strings (1998)
Rihm, Wolfgang - Am Horizont, for Violin, Cello and Accordion (1991)
Rihm, Wolfgang - Chiffre IV for Bass-Clarinet, Cello & Piano (1984)
Rihm, Wolfgang - Deploration for flute, cello and percussion (1973)
Rihm, Wolfgang - Paraphrase for cello, percussion and piano (1972)
Rihm, Wolfgang - String Trio (1969)
Rihm, Wolfgang - Verzeichnung - Studie for Viola, Cello & Double Bass (1986)
Romitelli, Fausto - Domeniche alla periferia dell`impero. Seconda domenica. Hommage a Gerard Grisey for four instruments
Sciarrino, Salvatore - Adagio di Mozart, arr. of C-dur K. 356 (617a) by Mozart for six instruments (2010)
Sciarrino, Salvatore - Introduzione all `oscuro for 12 instruments (1981)
Sciarrino, Salvatore - Le voci sottovetro. Elaborazioni da Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa, for a voice and ensemble (1998)
Sciarrino, Salvatore - Lo spazio inverso, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and celesta. 1985
Sciarrino, Salvatore - Muro d`orizzonte for alt flute, english horn and bass clarinet (1997)
Sciarrino, Salvatore - Omaggio a Burri, for flute in G, bass clarinet and violin. 1995
Spahlinger, Mathias - Gegen unendlich, for bass clarinet, trombone, cello and piano (1995)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz - Cycle Sound. 24 hours of the day `. 7. `Balance`, for flute, alpine horn and bass clarinet (2007)
Zimmermann, Walter - Ursache und Vorwitz, for five instruments and recording (1993-94)