Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra

1. Introduction And Dance Of Nymphs
2. Introduction, Adagio Of Aegina And Harmodius
3. Variation Of Aegina And Bacchanalia
4. Scene And Dance Of Crotalums
5. Dance Of The Gaditanae And Victory Of Spartacus

1. Adagio Of Spartacus And Phrygia
2. Entrance Of Merchants/Dance Of Roman Courtesan/General Dance
3. Entrance Of Spartacus/Quarrel/Harmodius` Treachery
4. The Dance Of The Pirates

1. In The Market Place
2. Dance Of The Ethiopian Boy And Dance Of The Grecian Slave
3. Dance Of The Egyptian Maidens
4. Phrygia`s Prophecy And Farewell To Spartacus/Parting Of Spartacus And Phrygia
5. Sword Dance

Suite No.1: 1.Introduction and dance of Nymphs; 2.Introduction, Adagio of Aegina and Harmodius; 3.Variation of Aegina and Bacchanalia; 4.Scene and Dance of Crotalums; 5.Dance of the Gaditanae and Victory of Spartacus // CD 1999 (ASV ltd, London)
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Suite No.2: 1.Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia; 2.Entrance of Merchants/Dance of roman Courtesan/General Dance; 3.Entrance of Spartacus/Quarrel/Harmodius` Treachery; 4.The Dance of the Pirates // CD 1999 (ASV ltd, London)
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Suite No.3: 1.In the market Place; 2.Dance of the ethiopian Boy and Dance of the grecian Slave; 3.Dance tof the egyptian Maidens; 4.Phrygia`s Prophecy and Farewell to Spartacus/Parting of Spartacus and Phrygia; 5.Sword Dance // CD 1999 (ASV ltd, London)
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1.Variation of Aegina and Bacchanalia; 2.Scene and Dance with Crotalums; 3.Adagio of Sprtacus and Phrygia; 4.Dance of Gaditanae & Victory of Spartacus // CD 1991 (ASV ltd, London)
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