Studio for New Music Soloists Ensemble

Afanasov, Oleg - String Quartet
Babintsev, Maxim - Planets of Life, for 9 tools (2019)
Baiterekov, Sanzhar - Architectonics of Meditation, for ensemble (2014)
Baiterekov, Sanzhar - Architectonics of Meditations
Baiterekov, Sanzhar - `El Nino` for ensemble
Baiterekov, Sanzhar - `Halo` version for five performers
Besogonov, Andrey - Electra Aura
Besogonov, Andrey - mind cage 2
Besogonov, Andrey - The Universe 26 (2015)
Bobylev, Leonid - Incomplete Bagatelles
Bobylev, Leonid - Poco a poco, for Cello and Chamber Orchestra
Bobylev, Leonid - Post auditum, for Piano and Chamver Orchestra
Bodrov, Kuzma Aleksandrovich - Airplane, for ensemble (2014)
Denisov, Edison - String Trio (1969)
Dorokhov, Georgy - Nazino Island. Memorial for 14 Performers (2011)
Dorokhov, Georgy - String Trio
Franceschini, Matteo - La grammatica del soffio, for Basset horn and orchestra
Frid, Grigory - String Quartet 5 (1977)
Furrer, Beat - Nuun, concerto for two pianos and orchestra (1995-1996)
Gushchyan, Arman - stillhoerig (2013) for 13 instruments
Ismagilov, Timur - `EDES ...` for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and prepared piano (2007)
Karaev, Faradzh - Der Stand der Dinge
Karaev, Faradzh - Hommage a Alexei Lubimov. Musique de Claude Debussy, poesie de Stephane Mallarme
Karaev, Faradzh - Synthesis. A.Lurie (1914) - F.Karaev (2010)
Karaev, Faradzh - Tale of Tales or Yesterday`s Tomorrow
Karaev, Faradzh - Three Bagatelles for Piano and Five Instruments (2003)
Karpenko, Katerina - Symphogramma The War and Peace
Kasparov, Yuri - Angel of Disasters
Kasparov, Yuri - Five photographs of the invisible to 6 performers
Khrust, Nikolay - Awe (2004/2005) for flute and ensemble
Khrust, Nikolay - Decaying Street (2006) for baritone and large ensemble
Khrust, Nikolay - Eugenics I. Italian Concerto
Khrust, Nikolay - Eugenics II. Roads and Byways
Khrust, Nikolay - Prometheus. Sliding time (2004/2005) for soprano and ensemble on poems by Ralph Gunther Monschau
Khubeyev, Alexander - Study for new music, for Ensemble (2014)
Kilin, Andrey - ,Musica affanatta , concertina for piano and chamber ensemble
Kilin, Andrey - String Quartet
Kourliandski, Dmitri - Several Readings, for Accordion and Seven Musicians
Murail, Tristan - L`Esprit des dunes for ensemble (1993-94)
Musaev, Balasagyn - Koz irmemder I
Musaev, Balasagyn - Koz irmemder II
Musaev, Balasagyn - Koz irmemder IV
Musaev, Balasagyn - Kyiamat
Musaev, Balasagyn - Scales
Nadzharov, Alex - Pareidolia, for ensemble (2014)
Newski, Sergej - 2013 for ensemble (Memory of the composer Georgy Dorokhov)
Ozerskaya, Olga - Galaxies, for 14 Performers
Ozerskaya, Olga - Rainbow, for Eight Performers
Ozerskaya, Olga - Sketches for String Quartet. In the Gorge. Mountain Spring
Ozerskaya, Olga - The Breath, for Two Violins and Viola
Paiberdin, Oleg - Vox, for ensemble
Pauset, Brice - Four Variations, for six instruments (2007)
Pauset, Brice - Les Voix humaines, for Clarinet, Piano and String Trio (2006)
Popov, Alexander - Singing Fish for Violin, Cello and Piano
Prokopenko, Natalia - Dusk Rays for chamber ensemble and electronics (2018)
Rannev, Vladimir - Error. Try again
Rannev, Vladimir - Three Lines for Voice and 15 Instruments (Step, by A. Chekhov)
Reich, Steve - You are (Variations), for chorus, four pianos and ensemble
Romitelli, Fausto - An Index of Metals
Roslavets, Nikolay - Chamber Symphony No.1
Sciarrino, Salvatore - Introduzione all `oscuro for 12 instruments (1981)
Sofronow, Fedor - `Pierrot and His Shadow` (2014)
Sysoev, Alexey - Plankton Songs, for Ensemble (2013)
Tarnopolsky, Vladimir - Cassandra
Tarnopolsky, Vladimir - Foucault"s Pendulum for chamber orchestra
Timofeev, Alexander - Fantasme for Orchestra, chamber version
Umansky, Kirill - Long and Short Lines, for two cellos (2004)
Umansky, Kirill - String Quartet (2009)
Vorontsov, Yuriy - Amulet (2006)
Vorontsov, Yuriy - Buffatore (2011)
Vorontsov, Yuriy - Microcosmos
Vorontsov, Yuriy - `32` (2012) for Violin, Clarinet and Piano
Vorontsov, Yuriy - `Aquagrafica` for ensemble (2011)
Vorontsov, Yuriy - `Drift` for ensemble (2012)
Vorontsov, Yuriy - `Status quo`
Weinberg, Mieczysław - Sinfonietta No. 2 (1960), op. 74
Wustin, Alexander - Credo (2004)
Wustin, Alexander - In Memory of B. K (1977)
Wustin, Alexander - Spem in alium (2002)
Wustin, Alexander - The offering of Gidon IN MEMORY OF DSCH (2004)
Wustin, Alexander - Theater (2006), poem by D. Shchedrovitsky
Wustin, Alexander - Veni Sancte Spiritus (1999)
Wustin, Alexander - WIND, for Voices and Ensemble on Texts by Alexander Blok (2012)
Wustin, Alexander - `Post Scriptum` for the ensemble (2019)
Wyschnegradsky, Ivan - Composition for String Quartet, op.43

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