Orchestre Symphonique de Bale

Baur, Jürg - `Day by day`, Music for orchestra in memory of Bernd Alois Zimmermann (1971)
Bruch, Max - Leonid, Cantata, op. 66
Debussy, Claude - Nocturnes for orchestra and Womens Choir (1897-99), L 91
Faure, Gabriel - Elegy for Cello and Piano, op. 24
Faure, Gabriel - Pavane, op. 50
Faure, Gabriel - Romance for Violin and Piano, op. 28
Faure, Gabriel - Suite `Masks from Bergamo` (1919), op.112
Holliger, Heinz - (S)irato, monodie for large Orchestra in memoriam Sandor Veress (1992/93)
Holliger, Heinz - Ardeur noire d`apres Claude Debussy for Orchestra and Choir (2008)
Holliger, Heinz - Siebengesang for Oboe, Orchestra, Voices and the Speaker (1966-67)
Honegger, Arthur - Chant de joie (Song of Joy), H 47
Honegger, Arthur - Horace Victorieux, Mimic Symphony (1921), H 38
Honegger, Arthur - Symphony 3 `Liturgique` (1946), H186
Huber, Klaus - Protuberanzen, three orchestral pieces, executed sequentially or simultaneously (1985-86)
Kancheli, Giya - Ilori for saxophone quartet and orchestra (2011)
Lalo, Edouard - Divertissements for orchestra
Lalo, Edouard - Rapsodie norvégienne for orchestra
Lalo, Edouard - Scherzo for orchestra in d-moll
Lalo, Edouard - Symphony in g-moll
Mendelssohn, Felix - Symphony No. 3 in A minor `Scottish` (1841-1842), op. 56
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Aria `Chi sa, chi sa qual sia` for soprano and orchestra (1789), KV582
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Aria `Vado, ma dove, oh Dei!` for sopran and orchestra (1789), KV583
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Opera `Don Giovanni` (overture, arias, fragments), KV527
Paisiello, Giovanni - Opera arias
Popper, David - Cello concerto No.2 in e-moll, op.24
Popper, David - Dance of the Elves, op.39
Popper, David - Hungarian Rhapsody for Cello and Orchestra, op.68
Popper, David - In the Woods. Suite for Cello and Orchestra, op.50
Popper, David - Tarantella, op.33
Suter, Hermann - Violin Concerto in A Major, op. 23
Weingartner, Felix - Der Sturm, Ouverture for Orchestra
Weingartner, Felix - Der Sturm, Ouverture for Orchestra (1918)
Weingartner, Felix - Frühling, symphonic poem, op. 80
Weingartner, Felix - Serenade for String orchestra in F-dur, op. 7
Weingartner, Felix - Symphony No.1 in G-dur (1899), op. 23
Weingartner, Felix - Symphony No.2 in Es-dur (1901), op. 29
Weingartner, Felix - Symphony No.3 in E-dur (1910), op. 49
Weingartner, Felix - Symphony No.4 in F-dur (1917), op. 61
Weingartner, Felix - Symphony No.5 in c-moll (1926), op. 71
Weingartner, Felix - Symphony No.6 in h-moll `La Tragica` (1929), op. 74
Weingartner, Felix - Symphony No.7 ´Choral´ in C-dur (1937), op. 88
Weingartner, Felix - `Aus ernster Zeit`, Ouverture for Orchestra, op. 56