The Deller Consort

Anonymous, - Gregorian chant - Chants to the Virgin (Virgin`s Nativity/Annunciation/Visitation/Christ`s Nativity/Purification and Presentation at the Temple/Christ`s Passion)
Anonymous, - Gregorian chant - Elegy for Kings and Princes
Anonymous, - Gregorian chant - Requiem
Anonymous, - Gregorian chant - The Wedding of Cana
Anonymous, - Gregorian chant - Vespers Procession
Anonymous, - Medieaeval liturgical drama - The Prague Easter Play
Anonymous, - Music of the Carolingian dynasty: Planctus Ugoni abbatis (844, words by anomimous)
Aquileia, Paulinus II of - Versus de Herico duce (799)
Byrd, William - Mass for five voices
Byrd, William - Mass for Four Voices
Byrd, William - Mass for Three Voices
Celano, Tommaso da - Dies Irae
Grimace, - A l`arme, A l`arme, virele
Machaut, Guillaume de - Motet 6 `S`Amours tous amans joir / S`il estoit nulz qui pleindre / Et gaudebit cor vestrum`
Machaut, Guillaume de - Virelai V 5 `Comment qu`a moy`
Perugia, Matteo da - Virelai `Ne me chaut`
Perugia, Matteo da - `Andray soulet` (canon, instrumental)
Purcell, Henry - Cantata `If ever I more riches did desire`, Z 544
Purcell, Henry - Full Anthem `Man that is born of a woman` (c. 168082), Z 27
Purcell, Henry - Ode, `Laudate Ceciliam` (1683), Z 329
Purcell, Henry - Opera `Dido and Aeneas`, Z 626
Purcell, Henry - Semi-opera `King Arthur`, Z 628
Purcell, Henry - Semi-opera `Queen of Indians`, Z 630
Purcell, Henry - `Te Deum and Jubilate Deo in D major` (1694), Z 232
Purcell, Henry - atch `A health to the nut-brown lass` (1685), Z 240
Purcell, Henry - atch `Come, let us drink`, Z 245
Purcell, Henry - atch `I gave her cakes and I gave her ale` (1690), Z 256
Purcell, Henry - atch `Of all the instruments that are` (1693), Z 263
Purcell, Henry - atch `Once, twice, thrice, I Julia tried`, Z 265
Purcell, Henry - atch `Prithee ben`t so sad and serious`, Z 269
Purcell, Henry - atch `Since time so kind to us does prove`, Z 272
Purcell, Henry - atch `Sir Walter enjoying his damsel`, Z 273
Purcell, Henry - atch `The miller`s daughter riding` (1686), Z 277
Purcell, Henry - atch `Tis women makes us love` (1685), Z 281
Purcell, Henry - atch `Under this stone lies Gabriel John` (1686), Z 286
Purcell, Henry - atch `Young John the gard`ner` (1683, Z 292
Saint-Trond, Columbanus of - Incipit Planctus Karoli (814)
Solage, - Helas! je voy mon cuer
Solage, - Pluseurs gens
Vaillant, Jehan - Par maintes foys
Wycombe, Willelmo de - Sumer is icumen in

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