Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra

Variations and fugue on a theme of Henry Purcell, for speaker and orchestra, or orchestra alone, op. 34
First performance: 15 Oct 1946, Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Dr Malcolm Sargent cond.
Text: Optional text by Eric Crozier (1914-1994)
Duration: 17.0`
Dedication: `This work is affectionately inscribed to the children of John and Jean Maud: Humphrey, Pamela, Caroline and Virginia, for their edification and entertainment`
The music was originally composed for a film `Instruments of the orchestra`
As a concert work, the piece may be performed with or without the commentary.
The theme is the Rondeau from Purcell`s Abdelazer, or the Moor`s revenge, Z 570/2.

Recorded at the Moyzes Hall in Bratislava, November 8-9, 1989.
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