Russian Radio & Television Academic Orchestra of Russian Instruments

Andreev, Vasiliy - Svetit Mesiats. Processing of the Russian folk song
Andreev, Vasiliy - Waltz Balalaika
Andreev, Vasiliy - Waltz Caprice
Andreev, Vasiliy - Waltz Impromptus
Blok, Vladimir - Karelian Rhapsody (1975)
Bulahov, Petr - No, I don`t love you
Bulahov, Petr - Not for nothing I was afraid of meeting
Capua, Eduardo di - Oh, Marie!
Glinka, Mikhail - Skylark. Arrangement for violin and orchestra of folk instruments
Godard, Benjamin - Opera `Jocelyn` (arias)
Gurilev, Alexander - Melancholy girl
Gurilev, Alexander - Monotonous booming bell (I.Makarov)
Kikta, Valeriy - Smolensk Rhapsody for Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments and Solo Violin in Folk Style
Krasilnikov, Igor - Fads for orchestra of Russian folk instruments, in two parts
Peshnyak, Vladimir - Elegy and Toccata
Peshnyak, Vladimir - Hour of anguish (2014), poems by F. Tyutchev for voice and orchestra
Peshnyak, Vladimir - Russian Songs (1970) for soprano and orchestra
Peshnyak, Vladimir - Songs of the Russian, for Baritone and Orchestra, poems by D. Bedny
Peshnyak, Vladimir - `Kamlaniya` (`Ritual`) for orchestra of folk instruments (1994)
Peshnyak, Vladimir - `Romantic Play` for domra and piano (1981)
Peshnyak, Vladimir - `Russian Frescoes` in two parts for Russian Folk Orchestra (1981)
Peshnyak, Vladimir - `Toccata` for orchestra of folk instruments (2002)
Peshnyak, Vladimir - `Ways of Leaving`, vocal cycle on texts by Christian spiritual songs (1985?)
Tsukanov, Ilya - `Slavic fantasy` for domra with orchestra