Belgrade Radio & Television Choir

Aleksinacki, Minta - Our Father, for chorus (1973)
Aleksinacki, Minta - Sigh, for chorus (1969)
Babich, Konstantin - Levach suite for choir (1966)
Babich, Konstantin - Riddles, for chorus (1972)
Babich, Konstantin - Three slightly different madrigals for the choir
Frajt, Ludmila - Cry, for choir (1973)
Frajt, Ludmila - Parting songs, three songs for choir
Frajt, Ludmila - Vocal cycle `12 months`
Frajt, Ludmila - `Songs of the Night` (Nocturne), three songs for female choir, string orchestra, harp and piano (1970)
Frajt, Ludmila - `The End`, for chorus and percussion
Gostuski, Dragutin - 4 mixed choirs
Hristic, Stevan - Autumn, for choir (1910)
Hristic, Stevan - Requiem in B flat minor (1915)
Josif, Enriko - The Death of Stefan Dechansky, stage chronicle for a reader, soloists, mixed choir and orchestra (1970)
Kalcic, Josip - Nocturne for choir, guitar, organ, piano and percussion
Konjovic, Petar - The Little Devil, for choir and piano (M. Petrovich-Selyanchitsa) (1906)
Kulenovich, Vuk - `Mother Parking from the Knezhopol field`, oratorio for soprano, narrator, chorus and orchestra
Lubica, Marich - `Songs of Space`, cantata for chorus and orchestra (1956)
Mokranjac, Stevam - Coastal Tunes
Mokranjac, Stevam - I klice devojka (XVI c.)
Mokranjac, Stevam - Kada mi se radoslave ( XVI c.)
Mokranjac, Stevam - Kozar
Mokranjac, Stevam - Rukovet (a wreath of songs) 14: Songs of Bosnia
Mokranjac, Stevam - Rukovet (a wreath of songs) 15: Songs of Macedonia
Mokranjac, Stevam - Sacred Works
Osghian, Petar - Instrumental songs, for female choir (1977)
Radic, Dusan - ʻOratorio Profano`, for 3 reciters, 3 choirs, 3 chamber instrumental groups, 4 orchestras, 4 timpani, organ and electronics (1972-74)
Radic, Dusan - Little Riots, for chorus (1953)
Radic, Dusan - Skull Tower, epic vision in 4 movements for soloists, male choir and orchestra (1957)
Radic, Dusan - Wolf`s Salt, liturgical drama for soloists, chorus and orchestra
Radic, Dusan - `Studije`, for choir
Radic, Dusan - `The Ballad of the Wandering Moon`, a love game in three scenes for the reader, mezzo-soprano, chorus and symphony orchestra (1957), op.5
Radic, Dusan - `Vukova Serbia`, festive song for soloists, choir and orchestra (1971)
Radovanovic, Vladan - ʻAudiospatial`, for female choir and electronics (1978)
Radovanovic, Vladan - Chamber movement, for choir and chamber orchestra (1967)
Radovanovic, Vladan - Eternal Lake, musical and poetic radio-sounding realization for choir, orchestra and tape recording (1984)
Radovanovic, Vladan - `Sphaeroon`, for choir, piano and organ (1964)
Radovanovic, Vladan - `Vokalinstra`, for choir and orchestra (1972-76)
Rajicic, Stanojlo - Opera `Simonida` (1957/1967)
Slavenski, Josip - Concert Suite `Pechalbari` for soloists, chorus and orchestra (by Anton Panov) (1936)
Slavenski, Josip - Eastern Symphony (Religiofoniya) 1934
Slavenski, Josip - Never, for choir (Z. Milkovich)
Slavenski, Josip - `The Birdie Says He Wants to Get Married`, for choir and piano (1924)
Tajcevic, Marko - Three madrigals for choir
Tajcevic, Marko - `Songs of Komitas`, for choir