Saint Petersburg State Chapel Symphony Orchestra

Albrechtsberger, Johann-Georg - Trombone Concerto in B-dur (1769)
Bassi, Luigi - Concert Fantasy on themes of the opera `Rigoletto` by G. Verdi (1865)
Beethoven, Ludwig van - Piano Concerto No.1 in C-dur (1795-98), op. 15
Bottesini, Giovanni - Allegro di Concerto `Alla Mendelssohn`
Brahms, Johannes - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D-dur, Op. 77
Krasavin, Yuri - Piano Concerto No. 2 (1999)
Krasheninnikov, Aleksey - Your Words and Stars, symphonic study, 2011
Kruglik, Viacheslav - Concerto for Trumpet and Strings (2004), op. 41
Kruglik, Viacheslav - Time to Live and Time to Die (after reading E. M. Remarque), suite for symphony orchestra, op. 27
Kruglik, Viacheslav - Violin Concerto (2017), op. 49
Lvov, Aleksei - Concerto for violin and Orchestra in A minor
Lvov, Aleksei - Fantasy on Russian themes for violin, orchestra and male choir
Lvov, Aleksei - Stabat Mater, cantata for soloists, mixed chorus and symphony orchestra
Martynov, Vladimir - Dances of Kali-Yugi
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Oboe Concerto in C-dur `Ferlendis` (1777), KV314 (271k)
Nagovitsyn, Vyacheslav - Supra profunda. Concerto for Orchestra
Nagovitsyn, Vyacheslav - Two Marches from the Nostalgic Suite
Prokofiev, Sergey - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.1 D flat major (1911-12), op. 10
Prokofiev, Sergey - Concerto for piano and orchestra No.3 in C major (1917-21), op. 26
Prokofiev, Sergey - Concerto for piano and orchestra 4 in B-flat major (for left hand) (1931), op. 53
Prokofiev, Sergey - Sinfonia concertante for Cello and Orchestra in E minor (1950-52), op.125
Prokofiev, Sergey - Symphony No.1 in D major `Classical` (1916-17), op. 25
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Piano Concerto No. 1 in fis-moll (1890-91, 1917), op. 1
Rachmaninov, Sergei - Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini for piano and orchestra (1934), op.43
Ravel, Mauice - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 2 in D-dur (for Left Hand, 1929-30), M 82
Ravel, Mauice - Piano Concerto 1 in G-dur (1929-31), M 83
Rezetdinov, Leonid - Symphony No. 4 (Bosch. Gardens of Earthly Delights) 2013, op.102
Rota, Nino - Divertimento Concert for Double Bass and Orchestra
Saint-Saens, Camille - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.1 in D-dur (1858), op. 17
Schumann, Robert - Piano Concerto in a-moll (1841-45), Op. 54
Sibelius, Jean - Violin Concerto in d-moll (1905), op. 47
Slonimsky, Sergey - Requiem for soloists, chorus and orchestra (2004)
Slonimsky, Sergey - Symphony No19 (Dedicated to Vladislav Chernushenko)
Sviridov, Georgy - Poem in Memory of Sergei Yesenin for tenor, mixed choir and symphony orchestra in 10 movements, words by S. Yesenin (1955-1956)
Sviridov, Georgy - Time, Forward! - suite from the film music (1967)
Taneyev, Sergey - Canzone for Clarinet and String Orchestra (1883), ST. 69
Weber, Carl Maria von - Clarinet Concerto No.1 in f-moll, op. 73
Weber, Carl Maria von - Concertino for Clarinet and Orchestra in c-moll / Es-dur, op. 26